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Bulky uterus, blocked with a cyst

Hi all,

I had my lap last Tuesday and off until next week recovering.

Sadly my doctor came to see me while I was still coming round (?!) and had to leave so I had a very muffled conversation over the phone that evening (while I was high on morphine) about what was found.

He has always used “bulky uterus” in letters and then sent me a letter saying they couldn’t do the fertility checks or fit a coil as I had a blockage to my uterus. It turns out I have a cyst blocking.

My fear now is that due to it being bulky could I have a uterus full of cysts? Also what do they do to get rid of cysts? Is it more surgery?

Will this affect my fertility?

I’m seeing him today for follow up and I’m scared.

Any knowledge/ experience will help thank you.


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