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I can’t work full time.. anyone else?

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I’m self employed and work part time due to all these goings on with my health I just can’t manage to do full time work, I need time for rest, flare ups, drs appointments and surgery it’s become to the point where if I had a ‘normal 9-5 i would have been sacked by now as I had 6 months of constant hospital a&E visits and time off being ill..

I also have a chronic bladder infection which doesn’t help either but yeah this whole thing might mean I’m part time forever..

Anyone else?

9 Replies

I would find working 9-5 too much and find working 20 hours a week as well running my house on top of a hideous chronic disease quite enough! Like you I need to have available time for doctor appointments if it flares up and I can’t manage the pain & symptoms. I’d say not to feel bad and your health is far more important. Do what is right for you xoxo

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Hi Kate!

I'm totally in the same boat! I work part time, which can be anything from the 17 hours I'm working this week to 32 on a fuller week. My boss also has another business that if I have a good stretch I can work up to 50/60 hours and get some savings in the bank, but it's hard to find such an understanding boss, and I've been very fortunate.

I've also turned down a promotion three times (to a management position) because I know my health wouldn't allow for the extra hours and responsibilty I would need to have as management. It's really hard sometimes to understand my body's limits and accept that I can't do everything I want to, but i'm learning how best to look after me as I go along!

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Kate345 in reply to AJAY767

In the past I’ve worked full time jobs, admin all sorts. And I found they would just put the pressure on if I was off.. if I was off for a few days then they would write letters or wonder why or doubt it was real and it added extra stress. The best thing I did was quit working full time If anyone can afford to do it I would recommend especially with this illness that does limit us. Speaking to one girl whilst waiting for my lap she couldn’t work at all, constant agony. I think she got sacked from most of her jobs. It’s reakky sad but I think it’s best to go with your gut. For me having that full time commitment wouldn’t work.

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AJAY767 in reply to Kate345

Yeah it is tough and we've all just got to find what works for us! Sounds like you're doing well being self employed though?

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What's it like being self employed? How do you manage your time when you have flare ups?

I'm starting to wonder if that's my best option too; the self employed and / or part time - haven't ever done either. I currently work full time and feel so exhausted some months, and work isn't happy with my sickness records, luckily they're okay with my appointments as we work flexi but I'd so like to feel responsible for what I do rather than feel stressed about when I'll next need to be off.

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Kate345 in reply to luthien

It’s good on many respects. It means I can manage my own time but if I dont work no money.. but then with this I can’t wirk full time anyway so it is a godsent at times.

Honestly if I worked full time I’d be sacked. Just too up and down with everything going on

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I am a freelancer I worked for two months. Had it extended to a third, but couldn’t commit as I have PID now after a round of IVF. Back in hospital. Fun times

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I'm finding it difficult too. I'm requesting to be able to work from home from my workplace as most of my work is done on the phone or by email. If they decline my request, I'll have to consider going part-time as chronic fatigue and pain flare ups mean being in the office full-time isn't practical and commuting is a nightmare!

Glad it's not just me, but Im also glad to hear that being self-employed works for you, it's definitely something I want to look into at some point in the future.

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I work part time hours to, I defo couldn’t manage a full time position with the endo, the tiredness is a real struggle and some months the pain is quite bad. I had a lap 2 years ago and was diagnosed then and they removed it and the only symptoms I had back then was not being able to fall pregnant, since the surgery I’ve had so many symptoms and more pain! I still don’t fully understand a lot of it as the hospital didn’t explain much and neither does my gp!

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