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Laparoscopy - no endo!

So I had my laparoscopy yesterday and I’m in pain but keeping on top of painkillers as much as I can.

The gas pain comes and goes but I’m taking peppermint oil tablets to help with that.

I have two incisions, one on my left and the belly button. I didn’t feel that bad when I came round, just tired!

They thankfully found no endometriosis however I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome and IBS. It’s nice to have some answers and know what is causing my pain. I’ve been told to be on the coil or depo injection which reduced the blood flow to the vein which causes me pain. It was found on my right side which is were I get most of my pain.

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I'm glad you've finally got some answers. I hope you have a speedy recovery xx


Thank you! Recovery is going okay, just amazing how much you can’t do and how much rest you need!


I find it so difficult accepting I can't do things as normal. My partner keeps telling me off but it is really important to rest as much as possible even though it's mind numbingly boring!


I agree there! Xx

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