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Mirena zoladex and tibolone

Hi everyone

I've been suffering with endo for over a year now already had two laparoscopies. During the second one had mirena coil inserted but it didn't help. Last Friday my doctor put me on zoladex and gave me tibolone which I haven't taken yet as I'm terrified of the side effects. Was wondering if any of you had been on so many different hormones at the same time?

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I was briefly on all three. The zoladex was horrific sans tibilone, which did really help take the edge off. I usually get horrible effects on almost drugs but I don't recall any issues adding in the tibilone it was a blessed relief if anything.

I cam off everything 2 months later as I simply couldn't cope with the side effects. The mirena stopped the periods but gave me niggly pelvic pain and the zoladex was just pure evil and gave me cognitive issues memory loss as well as joint pain and flushes and all.


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