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Pre op MRSA Screening for Lap

Hi all,

I had my consultation with the gynae consultant last Thursday and got a letter in the post today for an MRSA screening. Need to do a nasal and groin swab. Is this standard procedure? Also the lab bag had all my info on it, but the addressee letter didn't even have the date or my name on it...I'm just feeling a bit suspicious. I thought MRSA was just for those who've been exposed in hospitals for some time?

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Mrsa screening is common place for any procedure where they are making an incision into your body. I worked in the Pre op department and we swabbed everyone to be sure they were clear. It really is nothing to worry yourself about and it’s far safer to be screened as if you’re clear all is well and you won’t develop mrsa in your wound but if you have mrsa prior to surgery they can’t clear it after and I’ve known people to lose limbs from infection, whereas if it’s found prior you just need to use a nose cream and some shower gel for a few days prior to make surgery safe! Also Mrsa can be spread anywhere, it’s just more prominent in places where lots of people use the same facilities I.e hospitals, nursing homes etc Good luck with your op, I hope it all goes smoothly and so does your recovery!

Lots of love xxx


Thank you so much for clarifying and explaining. God bless you! 😊 I've just got the flu right now so when it came in the post was just a bit overwhelming. Thank you again😊


Hi, as the other response says, MRSA screening is routine. I had it pre-surgery too. MRSA exists out in the community - any of us could have it - but it only becomes a problem after surgery. So your hospital is taking good care of you.

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Thank you! What other tests or things have to be done prior to laparoscopy?


They do a few blood tests, checking iron levels etc. Just to be sure you are fit enough for surgery. I was also asked to use a surgical wash for a few days. The night before I took a prep to clear out my bowel, which is quite explosive. Then only water to drink until you go in. They should go through all of this with you.


Thank you. I'm just a little overwhelmed because I didn't ask what the next steps/procedures would be. Well actually I did, but it wasn't very detailed. Just a "you're in the system...it'll go to your GP...you get a surgery date..." I remember something about a phone call from an anaesthetist?

Maybe I should ring the department tomorrow.

Do you get the blood tests a week or two before surgery or is it something done before I'm given a surgery date?


Normally you are asked to attend a pre-admission appointment a few weeks before your surgery date. I think mine was two weeks before. A nurse does various checks, gives you a blood form, explains the procedure etc. It’s quite straightforward and a good opportunity to ask questions.


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