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Adenomyosis Pain and Heavy Bleeding


Any adenomyosis sufferers here? The disease has been ruining my life for a few years now. Just had myomectomy a few months ago which was supposed to debulk the adeno which is advanced and ease my symptoms. But I'm sad to say that my symptoms (horrendous prolonged period pain and heavy bleeding/flooding) have gone worse since after the surgery. I'm not at the point yet where I am considering hysterectomy. Is anyone in similar situation or has any idea to give?

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I've never posted on anything like this before but I've just had my 3rd lap and am feeling all over the place from it.

Basically my first one detected Polycystic ovaries,, the 2nd one was to remove a 10cm cyst, where they then found mild endo. After have a MRI this time it came up I have somthing called and Andomyosis which would explain the pain I'm having and a Cyst again. They thought somthing could be on my bowel as the pain is so bad so we're going to look. After coming round yesterday from my Lap the surgan showed me pictures of my uterus and overuse and there's nothing there, no endo, cysts nothing! Plus they didn't check my bowel. He did say this could be that it's so far into the muscle now it can't be seen so now I feel like I'm back to square one and need to see my Gyny. I'm confussed to ehy a MRI picked it up but not the Lap. Has anyone had anything like this before? I'm trying to work out the difference between endometriosis and andomyosis.

Thank you for reading x


My adeno. symptoms are constant bloating, pelvic pain, 7-10 periods and heavy periods. The birth control pills and Mirena didn't work for me. Did you try those? The only option if you're in the much pain is to get a hysterectomy knowing that it is the only cure. Sorry I couldn't be much help. I plan on having surgery soon. Take care of yourself.


Hi I started Zoladex injections 3 weeks ago, am 46 with adenomyosis and stage 4 endo incl RV. Within days of the implant my pain levels went right down though think it's wearing off now as pain returning though still better than it was. 2nd implant on Thurs so hopefully will reduce pain again after next weekend. Am going for hysterectomy and ovary removal though have been told will be c. 6 months. However have read several posts where younger women have various treatments/injections depending on their circumstances and delay op.

I feel this is right for me, as family history of ovarian cancer was going to have ovaries removed at 50 anyway. Had biopsy's done and so glad it's not cancer as have a 6 year old son. So this sucks but am glad it's not worse.

Hope you find what is right for you.


Thank you ladies for all your comments and supports. I've been put on prostap 3 monthly injections. I'll see how that goes. Good luck to everyone.


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