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Adenomyosis without the prolonged bleeding?


Hello all, I was simply wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with adenomyosis but doesn't suffer from prolonged heavy bleeding? I wasn't sure if this was possible.

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Hey, I was diagnosed with both endo and adenomyosis. Had my endo surgery beginning of Dec, was meant to have the adenomyosis looked at and treated via hysteroscopy next Monday but has been cancelled. I don’t suffer prolonged or heavy periods. Just had my first period this month after the surgery and it was not heavy either and lasted 4 days.

Evangelinie in reply to Roro1

Thankyou so much for replying 🥰 hope you're okay in these uncertain times! Sorry your treatment was cancelled!

Do you mind me asking how you were diagnosed with adeno? My specialist suspected it but after an MRI said that I didn't have it but I'm unsure as to whether it's just endo causing all my problems. Ahhh confusing ha

No worries, I had 2 MRI as he wanted to be certain. Also during my laparoscopy in December, he made a small insertion in my uterus to remove endo that was originating from there, which made it certain to him that I had adenomyosis (sorry TMI)

Hi Evangelinie, I just had these strong period pains and did a MRI to find out why and received the diagnostic of adenomyosis... I don’t have the heavy bleeding also.

Hi, the same condition as a friend. Everyone's symptoms are different, even though have the same adenomyosis. Main symptom of a friend is dysmenorrhea. There was persistent pain in the low abdomen and the waist before menstruation. Fortunately, she later found a herbal fuyan pill to relieve her pain. Hope everyone can find a suitable way. Good luck.

Good morning

I have adeno and endo.

I was diagnosed via mri for my adeno.

I unfortunately am a sufferer of bleeding heavy for months at a time x

I don't have adenomyosis inside the uterus: mine has been seen at laparoscopy on the back of the uterus, as though it has spread from longstanding endo in the posterior compartment (uterosacral ligaments, peritoneum, rectum, PoD). My consultant says he can't make a definitive diagnosis of adenomyosis in my case without hysterectomy and histology.

I don't have prolonged, heavy bleeding.

So sorry to hear,men are so lucky not to endure that pain.

I'm in the same boat as you. Had my endo excision surgery in September but still have horrendous period like cramps. Consultant suspects adenomyosis but I don't have any heavy bleeding.

I'm back on my decapeptyl injections until I can have a hysterectomy xx

Iv just been diagnosed with adenomyosis. Heavier periods but manageable. But 3 years of unidentified pelvic pain! Spinal consultant injected me with steroids thinking was coccyx. A colon rectal consultant sent me for pelvic floor physio. And finally off my own bat I saw a gynaecologist and within ten min he examined me and showed me on a scan, what looked like a mass inside uterus with own blood supply! My uterus was 50% larger on one side. He said he thinks this was have caused most if not all of my pain and discomfort! 3 years of sitting on rubber rings! 3 years of telling them that it’s not my coccyx and it has always felt that it was my womb and something growing / inflamed! No one listened! And I truly mean that! I’m going on mini pill to reduce aestrogen levels for 2 months on the hope this solves pain and avoids removal of womb! I’m still trying to get head around not maybe being able to have second child! I’m 42 so this was my last chance. Anyone else been on mini pill for sale issue?

I’m on progesterone only pill have been for 3 plus years. I’m going in for a laparoscopy soon as had loads of ultrasounds and they think I have adeno. My main symptoms are..heavy bleeding (flooding) with large clots (when I say large, I mean large!) although since being in the pill that’s all stopped however, the worst pain for me is in the lower back coccyx area which feels like the start of labour pain, sciatica and tight! My uterus is tilted back to my spine (retroflexed) so unsure if that’s why my pain is more back than anywhere else. Also my pain is all month, in varying degrees and not when a period would be due.

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