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Day after lap op!

So this is day one of recovery after the op -laparoscopy, drainage of ovarian cysts and diathermy to endo, feeling very fragile but okay.

However yesterday the consultant came round to have a chat to me about the op but for the life of me I cannot remember what he said! :-/ I didn't ask any questions or got any answers as to where the endo was or how severe it was! To be honest I was still high on the anaesthetic ooopps, Can anyone give me any advice? Such as how long shall I leave it before I can exercise again? Or how long should I wait before starting reflexology again? Just any after care advice I would be greatly appreciative! ! Thanks guys xxxx

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Hi, i had a laparoscopy just over 3 years ago now... i also didn’t get much feedback advice from the consultants either. However i can tell you it was around 2 weeks before i was back to my normal. You will feel a bit bloated and tender for few days but should start to improve :) Take care, Rachel x


Hi, I was exactly the same, I have never understood why they talk to you when you are off your head!!! I did gentle exercise after two weeks and then back into it properly after 5 weeks. I warn you, you will feel perfectly fine after a couple of weeks but don't be fooled, I went ahead and did a personal training session three weeks after my first lap, it hurt like hell and I learned for after the second op!! You can call your consultants secretary and ask them what your notes were and hopefully you will have a chance to ask questions at your post op follow up. I hope you have a speedy recovery xx


Hey :)

It will be 1 week tomorrow since my lap - pretty much exactly the same as yours!! I have been taking Ibuprofen and paracetmol (but in stages) and kept those up for the first 72 hours, with Oramorph for the first 2 days too. I know I've been pushing myself though. I have chicken and ducks and have been going out to them, and i also attempted to walk the dog to the shops today, and now I'm in agony and exhausted!! I think I've pushed myself too far though.

Im sure your consultant will send you a copy of the letter they send your GP, at least thats what mine did. You could always call or email his secretary if you know they number or address?

One thing i will say is to keep a cycle of the pain meds... and definitely don't push yourself!! I know this also may be too much info but it took me 4 or 5 days to poop, and it was straining, but then I've also had a day of horrible horrible diarrhoea! Its just important to try and relax, keep up with the fruit and veg and high fibre foods, and expect to take 2 weeks off! Also use a pillow when you go for car journeys so that you don't accidentally rip a stitch!

Anyway, i hope your feeling much better soon!! I'd love to say it helps, but I'm only 6 days into recovery!!

Feel free to pm me/ask more questions.

Take care!

Emma Xx


Wow! Thank you so much for all your replies! !


I really appreciate your advice, first thing tomorrow I'm calling the consultants secretary and getting the low down on what actually happened :-) xxxx


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