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First operation in 6 days

Morning all,

I am new on here and have been having a read of all your posts.

I have my first Lap surgery next Tuesday and I'm nervous. Obviously they tell me what they are going to be doing but that's just a procedure run down.

I've been told they think its on both my ovaries and that I have a slightly enlarged uterus. I have pain going to the loo (both ways) and I feel they will find it on my bowel and bladder. Im also having my fertility checked as I have not been able to conceive.

Can any of you tell me what to expect after? I have been give 10 days off to recover but tips on what to do or eat/drink to help any pain etc would be wonderful.

thank you so much in advance.


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Hi . I have my lap on the 8th of Feb. I put a post on here asking people what to expect and tips for recovery. If you go to my profile and look at my post you can see all the lovely response I got. Lots of help full things on there. Best of luck for your opp and let us know how you get on. Xx

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Thank you Amy, I hope it all goes well for you. Ill update this after the procedure and hopefully can give some more advice. Im looking for silver linings and its sitting and watching tv without having to move! haha. xx


Yes get as much rest as you can hun. Take care x


Hi I had lap in Sep. After the operation you will have gas pain especially in your shoulder(because of the carbon dioxide they pump you up with) I'm not going to lie it was quite painful for about a week after. I recommend buying lots of peppermint tea as this did help and also moving around as soon as you can after surgery, even just walking around the house for a minute every hour as this helps dispel the gas. Rest as much as you can also as your body needs time to heal.

One thing I wasn't told and really wish I had of was if you haven't had a bowel movement after 2 days past surgery I strongly recommend taking a laxative as surgery tends to make you constipated. I didn't go until 5 days after surgery and it was horrible!!😥

Take a pillow with you for the journey back to put between your tummy and the seat belt.

Hope this helps. Good luck and get plenty of rest xx

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Thank you so much, that really helps. Laxatives at the ready then!!! All this we go through! Men really dont know their luck!


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They have no idea and to be honest I don't think they could handle it!! Wishing you all the best xx

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