Pain after operation todau

Hi all, I was hoping some of you could guide me on how bad your pain was after a laparoscopy? I am 21 and I had endermetriosis on both ovaries and I'm home now but I have a lot of abdomen pain (taking pain killers every 4 hours)

I wanted to know how your pain was so I can judge what to do about mine

Also issues with trapped wind?



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  • Can you describe the pain?

    After both of my laps I was kept in hospital for one night. I was in quite a lot of pain and discomfort on the first night each time and didn't sleep a lot but then felt a lot better over the course of the following day.

    My discomfort was mainly on sitting up from lying down. I was lucky and didn't struggle a lot with wind pain either time. The day of op and first night was tricky but then improved each day X

  • Thankyou that's a comfort to know!

    Yeah I have had discomfort with moving my stomach, bending over, sitting up and generally moving that area.

    The main pain I think has been wind related, because it hurts to push with my abdominal muscles I've found it hard to get rid of the gas

    Pain has gone back down to a 6/7 now


  • Hi I remember being given codeine it made be drowsy but helped as I feel the sleep helped with recovery. I had major surgery under last lap and was actually bed bound for 4 weeks with community nurse visiting daily long story! I used wheat bags and hot water bottles for pain in shoulders I also used tiger balm my mum got it from local pharmacy it really helped if you've not used it before it numbs the area to a degree which was great with trapped gas in shoulders. Hope you have a speedy recovery

  • Yeah I've had codeine

    The pain has shifted a little bit now thank god

    I had a heat reaction to the hot water bottle I tried earlier today so I feel abit stuck with the pain for now

  • It will pass it's not nice but things will improve and I'm sure you will be glad you had the surgery to aid with your life style. The pain from the gas particles normally disappears 24 hours later. When I think back it was my throat that really hurt when I came round so swollen and dry for many hours. Keep going :-)

  • Peppermint tea and windeaze tablets help release the trapped gas X

  • Hey, sorry to hear your in pain! It is normal though, you've just had your insides filled with gas and burnt a bit so you're bound to be sore! For me the initial recovery took roughly a week but I wasn't myself for atleast 6 weeks after that! Take it slow! With the gas remember you can burp it out to if it hurts to clench, peppermint as mentioned is good for that and I hear that ginger helps too so maybe some fizzy ginger beer (obvs not alcoholic )might help? Best of luck!

  • I had quite a lot of pain - the gas went into my chest and shoulders and I was in agony but it will pass. And the general tummy area was very sore - I couldn't stand up or sit down without help for a good 4/5 days as it felt like I was stretching too much otherwise. Just take normal painkillers and when sleeping try and sit yourself up (i slept on the sofa) as that helps the pain. I was given Co codamol but I got post operative sickness and that made it worse. It will all get better soon; I promise! Good luck 😊 x

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