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HRT or not to HRT that is the question

After D&C and Mirena coil fitted then after a year of even heavier periods and excruciating pain, another op to remove the coil and an Endometrial ablation, that was nine months ago. I only get very slight bleeding, but I am in constant pain all around the abdomen, back and pelvis, I have never felt right since extremely tired and experienced a few night sweats, so my consultant ordered a blood test and I was borderline menopausal. I went back to my GP who has prescribed a combo HRT (femoston-conti), I haven't taken these as I am reluctant as I have heard the side-effects can be awful. I'm at a loss on what to do next the consultant has referred me back t the GP and he is only following the consultant who is frankly an arrogant waste of time. Really I feel I should have had a hysterectomy like I wanted in the first place I feel worse than I did before. I'm wondering should I take HRT or go back and get a second opinion.

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Hi, I’d be very cautious about taking anything with oestrogen in it. Personally I look forward to mine coming to an end.

I’m peri menopausal at the moment and have had some nasty endo flare ups recently. But from what I have read this is part of the process ( progesterone declines before oestrogen) and there is the hope of everything being a bit better afterwards.

Why did your GP prescribe HRT at all? It shouldn’t be routinely given. The NICE guidance says it’s only for really bad menopausal symptoms.

How about asking for referral to a new gynaecologist? You should have a choice.


Thank you Fabbird, I was thinking that I shouldn't have been given HRT I'm only borderline and 42 years of age I thought it was too soon to be going down that route I will request to see a different gynae.

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I would ask to see an endo specific consultant for a second opinion. You can read their bios so See who you options are and ask to be referred there. Good luck!


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