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post op infection (e coli)

Good Morning - Just joined this forum. I had botox bladder op Oct. 17 as for many years had overactive bladder. Medication had ceased to work. After the op I developed an infection which turned out to be e coli I was very poorly for a week - it took a while to recover. I am probably now (after 3 months) 8O% better in myself but has left me paler and easlily feel washed out/tired. Can anyone suggest anything to speed up recovery eg. tonic/iron medication etc. By the way the op has not made any difference - my bladder is still overactive!!! Perhaps it is due to the infection perhaps I will find out when next see the consultant. Thank you for any help from anyone

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Hi, sorry to hear of your tough time and fingers crossed once the infection clears and your bladder settles you will notice a benefit. I've had an funny old bladder since I was 13 and was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis at 23. (35 now) I'm sure it peaks and troughs hormonally. Do you also have endometriosis? I would recommend this as a good tonic for any situation and work colleagues and friends alike rate it:



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