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Endo and E-coli Infection


A forum user posted the she was suffering from endo and e-coli. This set off alarm bells for me as my first endo flare up occurred aged 40 soon after a severe GI infection picked up in Delhi- so bad I lost over a stone. After surgical treatment things returned to normal. The next endo flare up occurred aged 47 soon after another severe GI infection picked up abroad and again, I lost over a stone.

My colleague in Delhi 7 years ago also had very bad food poisoning. She also developed endo afterwards and she was in her late 40s.

I think I always had endo, probably hereditary, but managed ok with the symptoms until the flare ups made it go wild.

I found this article on pubmed ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/206...

Do any of you recall bouts of severe food poisoning or GI infections that preceded endo flare ups by say a few months especially if you had no bad symptoms when you were younger.

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I would also add that when I asked my endo specialist about this possible connection a few years ago he dismissed it and very nearly laughed at me.

The side link to a more recent article is adding to the picture


I've had 2 bouts of Ecoli in bladder in the 3 years since big diagnosis.

Never had it or rather never was aware of it prior to that if I did have it.

I got campylobacter nearly 6 years ago in Turkey and had to have anti biotics, shortly afterwards I had endo symptoms. Before this I had no health problems, I have never been the same since. X

I've had 3 bouts of Ecoli bladder infections in the past year, now being reffered to a bladder specalist. I suffer from constant UTI symptoms along with my endo symptoms! X

As with so many things there does appear to be a link although I think it is more a case of our menstrual fluid creating an easier environment for the stimulation of e-coli. There seem to be many concurrent conditions with endo and this seems to be another one to look out for and be aware of.

Apparently many symptoms of yeast infection are similar to e-coli infection.

Some good info on treating UTI by ecoli with d-mannose altmedicine.about.com/od/he...

Consult a suitably qualified person if you decide to try.

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