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Please Help me- Dysfunctional uterine bleeding!??

Hi there I have been diagnosed with the above however this could mean a whole plethora of things causing heavy bleeding and large clots. I'm sick of gping through this. I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease in dec 2015 but even before diagnosis I had this, some months I would have a normal cycle then bleeding for weeks with clots. I have had 2 laps and they told me i dont have endo . I do have a lot of permanent damage from PID. But why do they call it DUB and not know irs anything specific causing it. I just really dont know whete to go from here. Please please any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Im currently on prostap but only for 6 months to give me a break i wont go on norothisterone ever again as I ended up in hospital on morphine with pain heavy bleeding and clots when I came of it. Thanx

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There is no advice i can giv regardi g this post im sorry iv not nor do i no ov any person with this it sounds frustrating and wish u all the best,


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