Hi everyone. I've been struggling with the symptoms of endometriosis for ten years now. I've had scans and examinations but they're all clear. I've finally had an appt with a community gynaecologist and just got home. She has prescribed me provera hormones. I had the depo provera injection before but it took 2.5 yrs for my periods to return after stopping it. It made me feel horrible too. She said taking them is a way of diagnosing endometriosis but everything I've read says the only eat to diagnose is a laparoscopy. I'm so confused and fed up. Has anyone else taken this route? I'm worried about my fertility and obviously the pain. Any advice or reassurance would be great. Thanks for reading my post xx

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  • Hi Hun. I'm not sure about the injections but yes the only way to be diagnosed would be a laparoscopy. You really need to push your case and have this procedure. Look on the endo uk website and download the booklet on endo. It's very informative, I received notication by email from the site because I'm a member. I hope this helps Hun. Take care. Julie. Xx

  • Thank you Julie. I really appreciate your reply. I think the most difficult thing is feeling alone with it all and that I'm not being taken seriously. It's comforting to know that this pain isn't normal and that others understand xx

  • It's wrong to tell you that, the only way to diagnose for sure is a laparoscopy, I would demand a lap, and if this drug made you do I'll before she shouldn't be advising you to have it again, get a second opinion, and get a better gyne doctor, this could help your symptoms and your pain, but at the end of the day it dosnt clear up any endo that is in your body,

    Good luck hunny, go back to Gp and get a referral to a endo specialist.


  • Thank you so much for your reply hun. I will definitely go back to my GP again. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it so much. I feel like the GP thinks I'm making a fuss over nothing. The only good thing about my appt yesterday was that she agreed it might be endo, which has never happened before. Up until yesterday my GP said it was IBS!!! Small steps I guess, but I will insist on an endo specialist. Thank you so so much. I'm not going mad after all!! xx

  • Your certainly not going mad, nor making a fuss over nothing, we only get 1 life and to live in pain without making a fuss is mad, there are things and people out there to help us but unfortunately we have to push hard to get the the right person,

    Good lunk,xxx

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