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Prostap injection.. STRUGGLING to cope!!!

I have suspected endometriosis and on my second month of the prostap injection and the HRT pill. I had slight relief on my right had side for a few days before the pain escalating. I am in constant pain and it can shoot up within a matter of minutes to where I am curled up crying, sweating and being sick :(

My left had side is the worst and I am unable to straighten my leg as I feel a pulling sensation in my pelvis area. So the doctors are suspecting something has fused together.

Is this normal or should I push with my specialist for my laparoscopy as my review is not for another month. The pain is getting too much!

How long does it take for the injection to work? Or could I not find it affective till after my laparoscopy?

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you're not feeling well... it's awful when we know our own bodies and k ow something ain't right but the docters make us wait for tests etc...

Ok so look I am on that prostrap injection and I take menoupause tablets (from boots) I did t want gp tablets

The injection to stop the bleeding for me and severe pains due to clots and endo was given and within2 days pain and bleeding stopped

Then.... another week of pain and of bleeding and I thought why have I bothered with this injection of the pain and bleeding is as bad ? Then within 10 days I had stopped bleeding

No pain

No nothing just a mazzive hard lump in my tummy were the needle went in and that stays there for around 8 weeks but I have had no pain no period absoulutly nothing it takes around till the 3 injection with some people or it could take 1 injection and kick in every single one of us our bodies act different and what's good for one may be horrendous or fantastic for another

If it was me I'd go to the A&E department if the pain is that bad they will give you stronger tablets

Have you been checked for abses? Or maybe it's the HRT mixed with the needle? As they found I had a mass due to all the cramps and endo but again I feel a lot better due to these injections prostrap(depo) I haven't had a period in nearly a year and it's fantastic

Please go get a second opinion

But also expect time for the injection to work as you're bodie will fight it to stop it but eventually it will work and as the period and endo stop you will feel better, I know it's hard now to see any light at the end of the tunnel but there will be and you will begin to feel better again.... I hope

You get sorted

Take care



Thank you for your advice! I have stopped bleeding with the injection it's just the pains not going. I will give it 3 months and hopefully I will see some improvement. But will ask for my laparoscopy to be booked in the mean time. When I go to A&E they do nothing for me and I feel worse from the car journey and waiting 4 hours to see someone. Luckily I have morphine at home to take when the pain is bad. It's just that I have only just turned 19 and under weight due to feeling sick with pain. So I worry about what damage the pain killers could do but I have no choice to take them to deal with the pain.

It's reassuring that the injection does work and helps me to keep fighting to know there is hope it will work.

I haven't been checked for abses, how do I go about that please? xx


Hello thanks for letting me know what's going on

Ok well it's good to hear the bleeding has settled you may get the odd blip but nothing major

Also the hospitals can be like that but sometimes you get a nice docter and they sort it

The abscess are part of the mass and the endo and can be painful as can gallstones occur due to it my best friend had bad pain and it was gallstones but I think in older ladies tbh

And you're very young and you say underweight when maybe it's just the endo

Can I suggest maybe eat more of healthy foods make stir frys

Soups chicken veg veg veg and try to get vitamins and more goodness in you try and put a little weight on? Sorry to suggest this if it's been suggested b4 and I'm. It telling you what to do Hun just maybe if you're low on iron and vitamin b and c it can cause cramps /pains etc...

I differed with bad pain and periods from age 10 when I first started I'm 49 now and it only stopped last year with this depo injection

For how long I do not k ow but for now it's working and a life saver

I hope you get sorted I was in and out of hospital from 13 for tests and meddling and did nothing to help I thought I was going mad... thought it was in my head they did. But as I said we all no our own bodies and we know when we don't feel well I had operations laparoscopy cuts and looking in to me it all stopped when I

Got pregnant I felt amazing then came back ha! With a vengeance but in the end it does get better please see someone else and ask for help over this maybe go to see the gp walk in centre and ask to see there nurse and see if she can put you in the right was to chatting to a team of care workers or someone to get you the help and pain free you need

I don't like morphine at all it stops the pain yes but leaves you headaches and drowsy all day .... and there so easy to give it you

Try a hot water bottle as well and hot towels etc they do help and try not to eat ice cream or chocolate or cheese when you're pains are there as much as we all love stodgy foods etc it doesn't love us especially when we're at period time

Try soup in a cup or milk hot even

Also there is a tablet well it's a health shop holland and Barrett called acidophilus it's a capsular of dried vitamins and yogurt natural yougurt you take 4 at night with COLD milk before bed and hour after food (don't have anything hot after taking them) and they help they take about 4 days to kick in but there fab and used as a meal supplement it I take them every night even after the meal etc

Try them there about £12 and are really good to heal eas the pain

Ok take care let us no what happens xxx


Take care xxx

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Thank you for all the information, I will follow your advice and try them all. You are right as I have read bread is bad for endo but some days that's all I can stomach as it's stodgy and I know I won't bring it up.

I have seen so many different doctors, all telling me to go on different diets and only eat certain things. I got to a stage where if I followed all their advice all I could do was drink water! So thank you for suggesting things that will be beneficial and telling me what they are. As I got told I need build up shakes but another doctor told me they would make me worse.

Hot water bottles and hot bean bags are my best friends!! I have been in pain for 5 years and the pill seemed to help for a short while. Always got told I had a water/ kidney infection even though my urine tests were clear. But finally making some progress as the doctors are now admitting they have miss diagnosed me for 5 year.

Thank you again and I will let you know how I get on :) x

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Ok Hun you take care and yes the dreaded it's kidney infections🤦‍♀️When all you do is drink water !!! No alcohol no pips and no sugar that was me ha! Eventually they said it's endo after saying it was overies at 14 and I'd never have children😧I've got 2! So they tell it from a script I'm sure they all get a daily invoice of what to tell people

After all anyone that goes the docters with a sore throats has the flu.... and so on

Well keep in touch Hun the shakes are ok tbh but try the acidophilus first it really helps within a week you will se a change and you can take it for years every day or every other day it says take 1-3 tabs a day with Cold drink but I take 4 with cold milk as the cold milk boosts the immune system as well and speeds up the acidophilus also I use soya milk for milkshakes there full of goodness as well

And the dreaded bread!!! I try not to we even put the toaster in the bin for a year then started to buy bread again fresh hot. Read with butter😳But after 2 days I'm bloated not good

Try weetabox as well and also ready break that's good but as I say the acidophilus has to be with cold drink and nothing hot after it for at least 3 hours to drink or eat that's why bedtime is good

Speak soon take care xxx

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I have ordered the acidophilus 😊 I am stopping the bread today, I have had it in the back of my mind that I need to cut it out but it's my comfort food. Or I should say discomfort food as it makes me bloat. I thought I'd be okay with it as I had all my bowels checked and that's okay. But obviously the bread is doing me no favours.

I have some weetabix in the cupboard down stairs. Would you suggest soya milk? Or any other type of milk as people say stay away from dairy ? X


hi again -) yes soya milk is very good for you but some people don't like it

Coconut milk is ok as well you can get that in Tesco and Sainsbury's Hun- try the soya milk hot with it taste better the sweetened one or the unsweetened is both ok

Also if you drink coffee or hot chocolatie us with for that and even for porridge and oats it's. NIce and better for you

Some people may say no but it works for me and I swere by the acidophilus I take it for years. NOw and when the pain got bad I'd take double it won't harm you it's dry yogurt also the capsules can be open and used as a thrush cream if anyone is sore after antibiotics etc I personally get that after antibiotics as I no a lot of people do but don't take them with antibiotics as they won't work just once finished as there a gut cleaning healthy tablet and there fab

Ok good luck and as I say with cold milk is great xxx

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