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Mirena fitted today

I had extensive excision surgery 2mths ago but because I had the copper coil, post surgery management if symptoms wasn't brought up. I asked the surgeon when i csme round and she gave me some progestin pills to tide me over until mirena was fitted. It's in now but my God it was an awful excruciating experience this morning This is my 4th coil but the only one that's made me bleed a lot after fitting. I nearly hit the roof with the pain as she had to go in there 3 times to get copper one out,measure me and insert new. I was prepared as my cervix is impossible to find given it was stuck to my bowel for yrs and it deep down. Anyone else had this pain and bleeding? I was in tears it was that bad.

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I had to swap my copper coil for a Mirena one too, and I also felt the Mirena was much more painful that the copper one when they fitted it. Surprisingly the most painful part for me was when she took my copper coil out, I nearly didn't go ahead with the Mirena fitting I was in that much pain! I thought getting a coil out was much less painful than the fitting!

I can't remember if I bled much afterwards but I was sure in lots of pain for a good few hours afterwards! Try a hot water bottle! Xx


Hi thanks for reply. Yes same here! I thought doc had inserted it after takng my copper one out when she'd just down the measuring bit. I seriously couldn't cope and nearly left. I also thought the removal would be a breeze. I find hot water bottles make me worse I prefer cold on inflammation! I woke to a full blown bladder infection this morning and I'm sure it's because of the mirena fitting. I used to get them frequently before surgery but not had one for 3yrs until today. 😟fed up!!


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