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No pain since mirena but bleeding non stop

Hello there,

I have mirena fitted 3 months ago and so far I have had no Pain!! Compare to before almost everyday I was in pain. But I have been having heavily period 3 weeks non stop every month. I guess I can’t have everything. More importantly for me no pain is amazing!! I want to ask everyone who has mirena fitted and how are your experience so far?

Please it’s nice to hear if everyone got different story. 👍🏼

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Hello 👋 I had the mirena fitted in December 2016 during a diagnostic laparoscopy. It has helped straight away and I haven't suffered any pain and only very slight bleeding maybe a couple of days each month the strange thing is I had excision surgery in September 2017 and although still no pain which is fantastic but the bleeding has increased alot and my last period was about 2-3 weeks and I'm just coming on again. I'm confused as to why the bleeding is happening maybe it's my body getting back to normal after surgery. So glad it's helped you with your pain as well.☺️


Hi Geordie-Girl78 :-)

I’m glad you too have no pain from it but yes the bleeding is a bit annoying but still I prefer no pain than bleeding rather than no bleeding but still in pain.

I guess, if you had surgery 3 months ago, your body still adjusting from it, thus you still bleeding. Can I ask what surgery you had as you said you had no more pain after mirena a year ago? Thanks for sharing x


As I didn't really have a period between the diagnostic lap and excision surgery the pain was much better than it had been. I did actually have a couple of flare ups and one was so bad I ended up on A&E how could I forget that!!! I had surgery for stage 4 endo. I had cysts removed from both ovaries etc and ended up being about a 3 hour operation but the difference I feel now is amazing. I hope it lasts and I hope the bleeding does settle🤞


Oo yes, I had been there too A&E couple of times before mirena. Thanks again for sharing, yes hope it lasts and the bleeding does settle. All the best. 😃


Hii, I got my coil fitted over a month ago and like you for the first few weeks I was bleeding non stop now its stopped and had no period but still have pains they are easier but I cant say I've been pain free 😭 I hope when I get the endo removed it will just give my body that extra kick to be pain free 😮


Hi Aby, sorry to hear that you are still in a bit of pain. Are you going to have op to remove your endo then? It’s just so hard to tell with endo as I used to be in pain mostly everyday. I know it’s still early day (3 months with no pain) I feel on edge that the pain might creeping back but gotta to stay positive.

I’m diary free too and less red meat now I think it helps with my bowel movement.

All the best for you. 😇


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