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Sudden Slow urine flow and pain when urinating

Hey girls.

Amongst a number of other symptoms due to being riddled with stage 4 endo, I now have reduced urine flow and lots of stingy pain when having a wee. I am hoping it is just cystitis as I’m not at all prone to having urine infections but I’m kind of concerned about the slow urine flow thing. Since having my son on occasions when I need a wee it can take a few seconds for the wee to come out. But this doesn’t happen regularly.

Tbh I just put it down to all my other issues.

I have bowel endo also so currently waiting for my third surgery in 2 weeks time.

Should I be worried about some sort of prolapse?! Me and DR Google are about to have a fall out!x

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I know the feeling. It’s very uncomfortable! I try heat when it’s so uncomfortable have hot water bottle. All I can suggest is when your on the toilet don’t think about passing urine, sometimes more I think about it less chance it is of coming! And also usual trick keep the tap running.

Don’t let it keep up though drink lots of water and if it’s not flowing right seek medical advice x


Thanks lovely, I’ve been drinking water like mad all day and the stinging has subsided lots. Hoping it will clear up with some cystitis relief sachets. Honestly. Endo just causes one thing after the next!x

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Hopefully! Try some cranberry juice as well! It does! It’s the Devil!! Take care x

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Hi there,

I had problems that felt like cystitis but wasn't (urine culture came back negative). Before endo surgery I was (mis)diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction and possible bladder irritation from a burst cyst (that was removed during surgery).

After surgery when the problem recurred I saw a female urologist, who told me to do kegel exercises and gave me mybetriq (two week sample). This actually helped a lot. My diagnosis was overactive bladder. If you are having pain when urinating that might not be a fit for you, but if your urine test comes back negative for bacteria it might be worth considering.

Hope you feel better!

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Thanks girls. I will certainly bare that in mind, the cystitis relief worked like magic so fingers crossed it won’t come back but at least I’ve got some idea if it does xx


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