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my first post! lap 1 month ago - my story & tips

Hi everyone-

I've never posted here before but I have been reading your posts daily since I was told by my doctor that I likely had endo. Last September, after two years of searching for the cause of my severe pelvic pain (don't even get me started on the way doctors continuously ignore/don't take seriously pelvic pain - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I KNOW I DON'T JUST HAVE 'REALLY BAD GAS! LISTEN TO ME!'), my gyn found a 10cm endometrioma on my right ovary. I couldn't shake the feeling that inside I held a ticking bomb. I spent months in physical, mental, and emotional agony - a feeling with which I'm sure you're all familiar. I finally had my first lap in the beginning of December - they removed the endometrioma and diagnosed me with stage 4 endo. My surgeon told me she was able to remove it and return my uterus and ovaries to their correct positions. She is optimistic, so I try to be too. And now, as my scars heal and I wait to see what my life post-diagnosis will be like (like, having sex for the first time post lap tonight - AHHH!), I'm grappling more with the anxiety of my reproductive future. More on that another time.

Since so many of you have told your stories and provided helpful tips for endo/laps (and THANK YOU for that!), I thought it was only right that I begin to add my own voice to the choir of strong, brave, compassionate women. I have a few tips based on my experience. I agree that drinking peppermint tea and moving around helps to alleviate gas pain. And, of course, wearing comfy clothes with a loose fit around the middle is imperative! I'd also like to add:

1. If you're taking narcotics for pain, be sure to slowly wean yourself off. I went through a mini withdrawal after only a week of taking them, and it was absolutely horrible. Get yourself off of your meds slowly and thoughtfully so you don't experience withdrawal symptoms.

2. Taking a stool softener and Align (probiotic) can make it easier to go. Even now, I find that the bloating from being blocked up is one of the more painful parts of recovery.

3. Keep someone with you for the first few days to a week of recovery - you'll really need them! I know that I was unable to lean forward off of my couch, get out of my bed on my own, or shower without assistance for several days. I wouldn't have been able to make it through without my supportive fiance, my mother, and my bestie.

4. Use vitamin E oil on your lap scars once they've healed. In my experience, Mederma doesn't work as well.

Thank you, everyone, for your wisdom and openness. I hope to join you in discussing our experiences and helping others. xoxo

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Thanks for posting this! I’m due my lap on the 22nd Of jan and it’s reassuring to get tips from people who have been through it.

My boyfriend doesn’t think that it’s a very invasive surgery and thinks that I will be fit and well after three days! At least I can show him this to make him realise that although it’s just keyhole surgery, I will be unwell for at least a week!


My fiance thought the same thing at first. I understand why some people might assume that is an easy procedure, but in my opinion (speaking only from my experience) you'll need at least a week before you begin to feel like yourself again. Make sure you take recovery slow and don't push yourself. It will all be okay!


I think they sometimes don’t quite understand! Bless them! I’m not going to be rushing at all, which I’ve read a lot of people advise not to do! I’m hoping I can at least book two weeks off work as I work with 3year olds!


I hope you can too!! Best of luck!! xoxo


Thank you xx



After my lap I was fine after 3 days really, just soar scars and general depression and fatigue. No gas pain whatsoever. One the day after surgery I got up and got myself downstairs, got some food and drink. Had shower on my own on the second day. I know we are all different, but I thought that it may be nice to hear that sometimes it’s not so bad at all.

Saying that, I work with children too and I took 2 weeks of just to make sure I am well before I start working with the little people. Children are quite dangerous, as they can accidentally bump into you or just want to give you a hug, needless to say, constant bending is not great for you either!

I hope you will be fine and you won’t suffer much. Get yourself a good book or two! X

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That’s nice to hear that you didn’t suffer to much! I’ve read lots of different stories of people who needed weeks to recover or only a couple of days. I think until it happens I won’t know! The little ones just don’t understand haha! I don’t really want to be lifting after wards so I think two weeks will be enough time! X

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