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Post lap- my experience

Hi all,

I am 2 days post lap and I thought I'd share my experience of the procedure/recovery.

I'm surprised to say that I feel pretty good! I'm tired and sore but that's to be expected.

The laparoscopy went ok, though apparently the back of my womb, bowel and vagina were all full of endo adhesions so the surgery was a bit more complicated than just the cystectomy I, and in fact the consultant, was expecting.

I awoke incredibly groggy from the anaesthetic and I recall chatting a load of nonsense to the poor attending nurse. At that point I had a bit of period type ache as I was coming around. They gave me a morphine tablet which helped immensely.

I had to stay in overnight as I couldn't wee right away and apparently my blood pressure dropped a fair bit.

I have some residual gas under my ribs I think which is causing me the most discomfort and there's also the swelling and soreness from surgery incisions but I'm really counting my blessings at the moment.

In fact the biggest 'pain' (in the bum) was when I first came back to my hospital room with inflatable tubes around my legs. They were connected to a machine that made them inflate and deflate on each leg at about a rate of every 30 seconds. So I'd be lay there just drifting away into a nice sleepy state when all of a sudden one of them would inflate and cause an almighty HISS and startle me awake. Suffice to say I was annoyed as I had to have them on all night and kept getting disturbed from my attempted slumber. The purpose of these things was to prevent a DVT so in retrospect I am thankful to have had them on but at the time...

So it's day 2, as mentioned, and I've only had one dose of ibuprofen so far and that was because I felt a movement in my bowel and wanted to prepare for the 'eagle's landing'... So to speak ha!

The purpose of me sharing my experience is not to discount anyone else's pain or worse experiences, I know that I am one of the luckier ones here, it's to reassure any of you fine ladies that not all laps are as scary and as daunting as first thought.

My advice to anyone going in for theirs is to have a positive mindset about the surgery and recovery. Easier said than done I know, but I found it has really helped.

Also to prepare for the aftercare, make a list of things you'll need and get them well in advance so you are ready.

I'm hoping to continue this well with my recovery. Time will tell.

All the best to my sister sufferers out there!


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Glad you are doing well, rest well and small walks, peppermint tea and lots of films,

Them things that go on legs are a pain in the a*** aren't they, but they are needed, Hoping you to be pain free now,


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Hi hun, glad your going good the gas pain is a nightmare.

What did you have done? Xxx


Oh yes, at one point it felt like someone shoved a needle in my shoulder joint. Painkiller sorted that though :)

I had the lap obvs and cystectomy to remove a cyst on my right ovary. The consultant also did a hysteroscopy to have a look around.

Thanks for your comment ;)

Mel x


Glad your doing well! I'm 8 days post lap! I have now been able to go on a gentle shopping trip!!

Can't complain!

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Xx


Aw that's excellent :) Nice one!

I felt a bit poo yesterday but back on track today.

All the best x


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