What should I pack for hosp?!?

Such a dumb question but I have no idea what to pack for my laparoscopy on Wednesday.

My operations in Oxford but I'm actually travelling from 3 hours away for it, so I want to make sure I have everything as I can't just pop home as such or get anyone to if I forget anything.

I bought nighties but am I allowed to wear bottoms or PJ shorts or something as long as they're not resting on the incisions? I hate nighties but often get too hot so I like to wear Pj shorts or something cool. Does everything have to be baggy or can I just wear my usual stuff?

I presume I should take all my medications that I take daily with me for th anaesthesist, my pre op nurse is ringing me tomorrow so i can double check with her.

Apart from sanitary towels, nighties or loose clothing and a book to read do I need to take anything else?

Thanks in advance

NJ x

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  • Also what should I wear on the day as I know they'll ask me to change into a gown but I have to wear my clothes going home right? So should I go for 7:30 am in pjs or normal clothes...

  • Hi Hun , go in in normal clothes. For the journey home I would suggest something baggy but comfortable, as tum might be a bit sore. Also get some peppermint tea to take with you as it will help disperse the gas.

    Do you know how long you will be in for?

  • Thank you!

    Nope, I've been booked as a day surgery patient however I have some health complications due to history of cancer , I do not respond well to GA at all so they may have to keep me in if I don't respond well, hoping I'll be just not a day case and I don't have to stay but we don't know until I'm in theatre and procedure is done, so was thinking of taking a overnight bag just in case! x

  • They do say to take over night things just Incase. Definitely get some peppermint tea Hun, it really does help. It may be worth taking a pillow to put between tum and seatbelt on way home.

    I hope everything goes ok , please let me know how you get on. Will be thinking of you.

  • The nurses did warn me that I may have to stay as I have so many complications but keeping fingers crossed I don't have to, ah yes I always have a cushion or pillow in car so I'll definitely make sure I have something when travelling back as will be a long drive :( got some teas stocked up at home too, thank you for your help! I'll update probably end of next week xxx

  • Good luck sweetie

  • I'll be taking pyjamas, slippers, dressing gown (to cover you up when you walk to theatre as the hosp gown will be open in the back and you'll flash your bum. Wet wipes, mints, mouthwash, ear plugs. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. If you don't like nighties, you don't have to wear one.

  • Ahh brilliant thank you, I don't like them but have bought a few just as most of my bottoms etc are tight, if it's just for hospital/home for a couple of days it should be fine.. ahh I didn't know the gown would be open from the back. I hope I can keep underwear on but I'll deffo take a dressing gown with me!!

  • I found big underwear (a size larger than my usual) to be quite helpful as you are usually very bloated after. I also bought a soft bra without wire support as the gas tends to rise toward your rib cage, which was quite painful. You won't be able to keep underwear on but my hospital gown was tied closed so I didn't feel exposed.

    Some also tend to feel ill after the anesthesia so it might be good to get the car ready with a bag of some sort in case you are sick, bottles of water, and a small pillow.

    I don't really like to wear nighties either but it was much better than shorts or pants after the surgery because my incisions were so sensitive. I had 5 incisions and everyone is different though.

    Good luck!

  • I've got new underwear simply for the op so that should be okay and I've had many anaesthesisas in my life, so I'm not worried about that but I'll definitely make sure to have something in case I'm sick as I don't want to ruin my mums car haha!

    Oh no I hoped I could keep my underwear on! Hmm, I'll just take a dressing gown so I'm covered up!

    I didn't think about buying any soft bras but I'm not planning on going anywhere for up to a week after so that should be ok shouldn't it? I don't mind not wearing one around the house.

    Hope your doing well and thank you, I feel like I'm going to need lots of luck!x

  • Good luck for you operation! Hope everything goes ok. Sounds like you have everything covered, that's what I packed. They also told me to take slippers and a dressing gown. The gown was quite open at the back so I'm glad I took my gown! And I walked to theatre in this and my slippers. They gave me paper underwear to put on at the same time as my gown before the operation. Let us know how you get on xx

  • Paper underwear sounds awful oh gosh, how come you can't wear your own underwear for the op, I guess if you're having the coil fitted it makes sense but if not then I'd rather be slightly covered! Ahhh thank you I will do x

  • They are awful! Same size for everyone I think, mine were massive! Haha. Maybe it's because I had a coil. When I woke up I didn't have them on though and the nurse said they always take them off during surgery. x

  • Oh dear, they're either going to drown me or they're going to be too tight! I don't like the idea of my bits being on show hahahah but they've seen it all before haven't they so oh well 😂 X

  • I know. I hate the idea of everything being on show but I guess they have seen it all before. Good luck! x

  • Just think you'll probably never see them again is my way of coping with it haha thank you Hun x

  • Yes you have to wear the paper pants! I was on my period and I had to put one of their horrible pads in the pants as well! Mortifying. I think you usually have an internal exam at the start of the lap and they use a uterine manipulator so that they can see things a bit better. I assume that explains the paper pants.

    I had a two and a half hour journey home, you'll need a lovely cushion and a careful driver!! My nurse made sure all my medication was topped up before I left, that was helpful.

    All the best! X

  • Oh my gosh I can't even begin to imagine how horrible that must of been for you! I really do not want to wear paper pants or have nothing on my bottom half but then I keep telling myself I need this done and they're doctors they've seen it all before ahh! I'll have lots of pillows in the car and a blanket too so hopefully I can make the car all cozy for the journey back!

    Ahh I hope I have nice nurses, it's good they topped your meds up. I'll be taking my own just in case, thank you! Hope your doing well xx

  • You'll be fine. It's best not to think about it. And as you say, they've seen it all before 😳!! I was glad to have been not quite with it when the consultant came round!! That's something else that I'd recommend... I immediately text my best friend all the details. Two days later I couldn't really remember much of what he said. But it was all there in my phone!!

    Good luck! X

  • I'll have two people with me hopefully, so when the consultant comes hopefully they'll be with me if not I will definitely be writing everything down as I live quite far so I want to know what's going on!! I think not really tho I'm about it is best to be honest! X

  • On pintrest they have a lot to pins about what you need for a lap but I think this 1 might be best:


  • Thanks so much this is really helpful!

  • Hopefully you don't have to stay that long, remember to take it easy after.

  • Hopefully not, thank you I will x

  • Sounds like you're prepared. I don't like nighties either but I've worn them a few times since leaving hospital on Wednesday, I also brought some leggings in a bigger size to wear with them as I hate getting cold legs.

    I took magazines, vaseline (hate dry lips!) & some drinks.

    I had to just wear the gown, wasn't allowed bra or pants on, was a bit weird walking down to theatre without any pants on 😂.

  • It's going to feel soooo weird and I'm going to feel so exposed! Thank god for the anaesthetic 😂 Hope you're recovering well! Xx

  • Best of luck for the op I've just been reading the replies as I'm having my 1st lap in 3 week's so really helpful advice.


  • Hope it goes well for you! x

  • I'm in ox today. I have a robe for after the surgery, book, mags, toothbrush and tooth paste. Will keep you posted x

  • Good luck!!! Hope it goes well xxx

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