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Endo in the pouch of douglas/bowel

I had surgery 4 years ago and was told that I had endo in the pod area which attached my uterus to my bowel. My consultant was unable to remove it as risk of damage to the bowel. (I have since discovered the hospital was not a BGCE - I didn't know they existed).

I have tried several hormonal treatments which make me feel worse. The only thing my consultant is offering me now is a full hysterectomy or wait for menopause, I am 47. The symptoms are getting worse with some sciatic pain now. My cycle is becoming shorter poss premenopausal - so more pain.

Should I ask for a 2nd opinion? Can I ask to be referred to a BGCE? Has anyone had a full hysterectomy?

Thanks Nicole

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If this is a UK gynaecologist giving this advise then it is appalling and they are acting against both NHS protocol and their registration with the Royal College of Gynaecologists. If your cervix is joined to your bowel and your POD is full of adhesions then you almost certainly have deep rectovaginal endo hidden below and this does not respond to hormone treatment. Sciatic pain suggests endo on the uterosacral ligaments and this is typical with RV endo. I am not sure why they think a hysterectomy will resolve this since it is the endo and adhesions that need removing, not organs. A hysterectomy would be a tricky surgery anyway in association with severe endo affecting the bowel. You need to be seen at an endo centre. Have a look at my posts on the referral pathway, how to find a specialist centre, RV endo and US ligament endo. Where in the UK are you?

You should make a formal complaint to the RCOG as this is the only way we will get this stopped.

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Hi, Lindle

How do we go about making a forma complain to the RCOG?

Although I avoided to have hysterectomy suggested by a general gynae, he was breaching NHS protocol and I think to stop any women suffering from miss conducts, I think I want to report this to RCOG, too.

Thank you!



I was told by my GP that the consultant concerned had a good reputation with regard to endo which is why I stuck with him for so long. It is my uterus that is joined to my bowel. Is that different? Smear tests are quite difficult. As I am near the menopause and cannot tolerate hormonal treatment I am not sure whether the other centres will be able to help but I will look for your referral pathway and get a 2nd opinion. Thanks for the info. It is hard to know what is good advice and what isn't. I like to think I am quite well informed but obviously not! I am based between London and Brighton - my consultant is in London.



Do get referral to BSGE clinic for a second opinion - you are entitled to.

I had total hysterectomy and ovaries removed and in worse pain now than I was so it doesn't necessarily help. I did also have adenomyosis so was needed but please ask someone else.

I only found a lot of this out after op, including finding this forum, so unfortunately my op was not done at BSGE clinic so they left endo behind as thought it would die off, and it doesn't



Sorry to hear that the hysterectomy didn't help. Take care of yourself



Hi please listen to Lindle as she really does know what she is talking about. Make sure you research the consultant at a centre before you ask for the referral as they do vary . Some are better than others. Good luck and take care.


Thanks Jean I will do that. Take care.


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