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Hi guys !!! Just a quick update , went to see a doctor at the hospital it was a follow up appointment that I booked before my lap surgery with a urogynae, she showed me images of where my endo was it was an emotional moment for me seeing it really hits you hard, anyway I explained to her that I still had this slight pain after I went to urinate l. She proceeded quickly to prescribe me ametriptyline for the pain and said it will reset my nerves and that they were probably just irritated . Ametriptyline is an antidepressant that relaxes nerve muscles, (I have studied this at university )This kind of annoyed me [this post has been edited to comply with our code of conduct] because it reminded me of all the times they threw antibiotics at me like sweets Becuase they had no clue what was wrong with me . I told her I wouldn’t take them and I was trying a different approach to medicine , ( a healthier diet , trial and error by cutting out caffeine dairy etc) she found this really funny and started laughing :/ anyway I didn’t let it get to me because it just goes to show how quick they are to throw chemicals at us and it’s perfectly fine if you want to go down that route but I would rather try a natural approach first . I really don’t trust Doctors these days I’m starting to believe this label Endometriosis is just a label to a disorder they have no clue about and the continue to mask the problem with all these pills so I’m going to self medicate and seek advice over seas before I adapt to this western medicine xxxxx

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Oh my gosh okay so I was prescribed Nortriptyline (similar to ami) during my last hospital stay because they “didn’t know what was wrong with me” and wanted to treat nerve pain and it was the worst decision ever. I stopped it after a week and a half because I felt horrible on it. I wanted to try everything because I was in so much pain.

I had a diagnostic/excision lap in August for endo. Then in November I had an inflamed gallbladder taken out. Then yesterday I ended up having another diagnostic lap along with an appendectomy. My endometriosis is gone so my treatment is working. And I no longer have a fever so I think the problem is finally taken care of!

I had to fight to get all of this done while they just tried to make me take all of this medicine that I refused to take half of. I couldn’t get by without pain meds even with my healthy diet. So I completely support your decision to not take that medicine!! It is so frustrating when they just shove drugs in your face! I go to the doctor to try to fix things not just treat symptoms. Ugh. I don’t trust doctors either. I had to figure out what was wrong with me and demand to have things taken care of!!!

Ok rant over 😅. I hope you can get things sorted soon xx


Hi Hun !!! I’m so glad everything is taken care of for you now , makes me soooo angry that these strong toxic medications are thrown at us to carelessly because it’s not their body, yeah I wolll definitely miss on taking those for sure I took so many antibiotics before my diagnosis unfortunately my poor liver :( babe you said your endo is now gone is that Becuase of the oral contraceptive? XxxXxxx


I know! It is so frustrating. And I see it happen to so many people, especially women!!

I had excision surgery of a small amount of endo in August and was put on the birth control pill and my symptoms of painful periods and severe PMDD have gone away. I’m assuming that this new pill is keeping it at bay! My gynecologist was very pleased so I’m sure that is a good thing haha.


That’s amazing news hun !!! So happy for you which pill are you taking if you don’t mind me asking xxxx


Thanks :) It’s called tri-linyah

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Thanks Hun ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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