Menstrual migraine & endometriosis

Hello all you lovely ladies.

Does anybody else get menstrual migraine? I have a pattern where the day before my period (or a few hours before) my head will start banging, like really banging as if a man with a hammer has taken up residence in my head.

If I'm not quick with pain meds at this point vomiting can start and then I'm really feeling like hell until the worst of my period is over. (Hideous pain at both ends).

Recently I was caught out at work and that familiar banging pain started, and I did not have any pain medication with me. I ended up scrounging analgesia off one of the other girls. (I know, lame and unprepared). which did not work anyway and by the time I got home I felt horrible.

How common do you think menstrual migraine is and how likely is it to be linked to endometriosis?

Interested in other peoples stories of this.

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  • Hi - please see my post on endometriosis and the possible symptoms to see if you relate to them generally. But I think headaches as an isolated symptom are probably quite common due to hormonal changes.

  • Thanks for the post

  • Hi I'm unsure about any direct links between endo and migraines but I do know that a lot of migraines are related to hormones. Years ago I used to suffer in a similar way to you. I'd know my period was due because for a few days before I'd have dreadful migraines. I went back on the pill for a while and this sorted it out. When I came off the pill a few years later I didn't have any similar problems. I still get migraines sometimes but they don't seem to have any correlation with my cycle. Hope that helps a bit. Oh and the only painkillers that ever helped were co-codamol. Best of luck. xx

  • There is quite a bit of research linking migraines to endo which you can find by google searching. I've found that following the main principles of the endo diet and by removing as many chemical toxins as possible has helped. I wonder in terms of the endo do whether reducing sugar has been the most beneficial thing?I used to suffer every month just a few days before my period and the migraine would last three days. I now rarely get them fingers crossed unless I'm more stressed than usual. The only painkillers I found of help were the strongest nurofen you buy over the counter. Also tiger balm rubbed on the temples.

  • Very common. I suffer terribly and during ovulation. One thing that has helped me is Oestrogen patches for 4/5 days before and during period.

  • Yes - my hemiplegic migraines are caused by my periods. Absolute nightmare.

  • Thanks everybody for your replies. Although I am sorry other people are also suffering with migraine, its really good to know I'm not alone.

  • I too suffer with terrible hormonal migraines which last for three days every month starting a day or two before my period. They totally wipe me out and the only thing that touches the pain is prescription tablets (Sumatriptan).

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