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Newly diagnosed with endometriosis


Hello ladies

I am new to this so bear with me as I don't have a clue lol I'm 23

Been In agony for the last 6 years with my periods very heavy been trying to get pregnant for the last 5 years. In between arguing with my doctor to get a referral to see the gynecologist they took me off the list twice without my knowledge. I had a scan on my ovaries and it revealed a. Small cyst not enough to convince the gynecologist to see me, anyway I eventually got an appointment after another year of waiting and I had a vaginal exam were she said I have endo on my cervix and suspects my bowel aswell as I have unusual pain there. She has suggested I have a lap and dye through my tubes to test them. In the mean time I'm so devastated as she said she suspects its the cause of my infertility :( how are u supposed to cope x

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danielle3440 in reply to Hidden

Hi lindle

Thank you for your reply as far as i no she is doing it becuase at my appointment she said that anything suspect that she sees she will take away, i shall read your post. Xx

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danielle3440 in reply to Hidden

Im in south wales do you no if there are any specialist centers here? X

Hello Danielle,

Were thesame situation.I was diagnosed year 2013 then i had my surgery because i have bilateral endometriosis both left and right falopian tube of my ovary. Since then because i ate those preservatives, coffee, softdrinks soda, all red meat, thats why im here again.last oct.12, i had my 2nd surgery now its laparoscopy its diffrent than before. I set myself now not to eat those.insted of white rice i had black rice, organic and all natural.seafoods..

By writing all your activities, set a plan what to eat, exercise, good diet. I take a suppliment also.Thank you for sharing.

I know your news may have come as a bit of a shock but don't right off your fertility yet! The good news is you are now past the GP barrier and beginning to get somewhere! :-)

Ladies with endo still get pregnant. A good friend of mine has severe endo. She had a lap and dye flush and got pregnant within three months of her lap. I've heard that this happens quite a lot. Unfortunately it didn't work for me :-(

There is still lots that can be done. Even if your tubes are blocked you can still undergo IVF or ICSI. So don't panic yet. There are still lots of unknowns and options ahead. You also have age on your side. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 33 (after battling with GP's for four years). I wish I knew my situation sooner.

Infertility isn't an easy ride and we all have bad days. There's another Health Unlocked forum called Infertility Network with lots of others going through the same thing. If you ever need to talk, rant or ask a question there's always someone to listen there.

Good luck with your journey. Take every step at a time and try to stay positive :-) xx

danielle3440 in reply to Vickal

Im sorry to hear you have the same problem , thank you so much for your advice it helps me to try and stay positive. Good luck to you too x

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