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Cold a week before lap?

Hi everyone,

I am having my lap done next Thursday (21st December) but obviously as I am dead lucky, I caught a cold and have been feeling under the weather since Monday. I have also started coughing (because of a tickly throat) and I am wondering if they will be able to perform the surgery if I am telling under the weather?

I'm worried as I had a wrist surgery 2 years ago and they did tell me at pre-op that they could not operate if I came with a cough but they haven't told me anything at my lap pre-op...

Anyone experienced the same thing by any chance?


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I had my lap done this week (Monday) went in with a cold but still got the Surgery you just need to tell them about it and the Aneastatician does an assessement on you to see to what extent the cold has affected you and he/she takes it from there.

They dont want you under GA if you have had a cold because your Lungs could be too week to support you while you sleep hence causing other conplications..

But hey 21st is next week thats 6days away you might be healed by then

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Thanks that makes me feel better! I'll try to rest as much as I can this weekend and hope for the best!


I had a cold up to the day of my lap and the next 2 weeks after and it still went ahead, just try and steam it off your chest and much as possible and if it's phleghmy, drink lots of pineapple juice x

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I didn't know about pineapple juice, I'll have a go! Thank you!


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