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Lap cancelled an hour before going down

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Hi warriors, I'm feeling pretty low right now and needed somewhere to vent...

I was due to have my lap yesterday to get rid of the superficial endo and endometrioma. (I have stage 4 but we decided not to touch the bowel stuff yet because of fertility).

Unfortunately once I was there, and in my gown and stockings, sitting on my bed, after talking to the anesthesiologist and having anti anxiety meds to calm down (I'd been sick all morning with the stress of it), they cancelled an hour before I was going down.

It turns out there was a communication issue and my endo is so bad on my bowel (and sitting too high) he wouldn't be able to get to the superficial endo below to excise it, or the endometrioma.

He said my next step is trying to fast track ivf (our goal was to clear enough for pregnancy/fertility) and then I will need a bowel resection and stoma quite soon. Apparently there's a 10% risk to fertility with the resection so that's why we want to do ivf first. Although we can't leave it too long because of it going through the bowel and obstruction etc... Has anyone had any experience with this?

Turns out it's pretty big and bad, although I could already feel that each flare up. 😢 Feeling emotionally pretty raw right now xx

13 Replies
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Aw I' am so sorry to hear that you have had to go through all of this. It's a lot for you to take in. I hope that you have a good support structure around you right now and that you are letting your body rest while you deal with the emotions of it all. Sending hugs x

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elles3 in reply to Elsiegreeneyes

Thank you, I really do have amazing people in my life who are supporting me. Kept very busy over the weekend and every time I stop I start to feel really anxious... Hopefully it will eventually subside and I can get back to normal! Xx

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Elsiegreeneyes in reply to elles3

Endo has such a physical, emotional and psychological effect on us. Take your time to come to terms with everything, some days will be good and others will be yucky. I really hope that there is more support for our overall health in years to come, sometimes it's all so overwhelming. Give yourself time and don't rush yourself to deal with it xxx

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I'm really sorry to hear you've had to go through this 😭 I wish you all the luck in the world with your IVF xx

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elles3 in reply to EndoSuckss

Thank you lovely 💕

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Sorry you’ve had to go through all that, horrendous that it happened.I hope they sort fast track extra fast for you. 🤞

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elles3 in reply to Moon_maiden

Thank you 💗💗

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Oh my goodness, you poor thing. You deserve a medal for going through this. I’m sorry I don’t have specific experience of this situation but just wanted to send you huge, huge hugs. My endo was not as severe at all but I’m now pregnant following a laparoscopy and IVF following years and years of pain (the pain and stage of endo are not related according to my surgeon). This will happen for you even if it takes time, just hang in there and give yourself loads and loads of TLC. Big hugs to you. xxxx

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elles3 in reply to FluffyPink

Oh wow that's amazing, congratulations! Do you mind if I message you about ivf? I have no idea what the process is and feeling nervous!! Xx

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FluffyPink in reply to elles3

Yes, of course - feel free to send me a message. xx

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So sorry you are going through this. I had one of my operations cancelled last minute, was waiting all day in my gown, hadn’t been allowed to eat anything and then they cancelled as it was end of day and they’d run out of time. I remember sobbing to the nurse and crying all way home but they did apologise and book me in soon afterwards. It’s so horrible when you’re nervous and build yourself up for it. I don’t know much about bowel resections, I have stage 4 and have bowel symptoms so wouldn’t be surprised if I have endo on bowels. Really hope you’re doing okay and staying positive, it’s a lot to think about having IVF and operations but one step at a time. I’ve had IVF and although it’s really hard, there’s loads of support with fertility group on here and it was a relief for me to start it and know I was doing all I could to have the little one we were hoping for X

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elles3 in reply to Caranne

Oh that's so awful I'm so sorry you went through that 😞. It takes such an emotional toll being turned away. I think I'm still processing everything the doctor said and feeling really anxious about the future. Do you mind if I message you about ivf? Feeling nervous about the journey! Xx

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Caranne in reply to elles3

Yep of course ☺️ I was so nervous but it will honestly be fine once you get your head around it X

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