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Advise about Laparoscopy

Hi everyone I was just looking for some advise. I saw a consultant on the 2nd of of december who has agreed to do a lap to find out why I am in constant pain, at first i was relived but after getting a letter today to confirm I am in 2 minds to get it it done. from certain quotes he has put it sounds like 1. he doesn't believe it to be endo or 2. He has no idea what he is talking about, here is where i need the advise. It say's that because my periods are regular and I don't bleed inbetween it does not sound like endo, also because a scan I had showed no signs of endo ie no cysts on ovary it it seems unlikely. He then goes to mention that 9/10 women he does the procedure on comes back negative? It makes me feel like this Doc does not really know enough to diagnose this? My symptons include, cramps everyday, burning stabbing pulling pains during ovulation, headaches, nausea,mood swings, worsening pain in the weeks leading to period, horrendous period pain with vomiting, Pain after sex. After being in constant daily pain for a year ( since I had a miscarriage ) I was hoping the lap would be the next step, but now I am more unsure than I was a year ago. Keep well xxxxx

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Hi there, I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis due to finding an endometrioma caused by endometriosis. I had no idea this cyst existed I originally went to the doctor with pain symptoms very similar to yours and they sent me for an ultrasound. I am now waiting for a gynae appt where I am hoping they will do a laparoscopy to give me more information. Just talking from my experience alone your symptoms do sound a lot like endometriosis to me. My periods are completely regular, although extremely heavy and painful. I've suffered migraines for years and have also suffered a miscarriage. My advice would be listen to your body and if necessary go and get another opinion from a different doctor. It's taken me 10 years to finally get a diagnosis of endometriosis. Don't give up! X


Thankyou raaraa, I am so glad you have finally been diagnosed, Ten years is an horrendous time to wait. xxx My periods are like hell on earth but you know sometimes I cant wait for it to come just so I feel some relieve from all the other symptons for a day or 2 :) I really felt this doc had no real idea of endo and just threw a few words around to sound like he did :) i suppose I just wanted to know if others who have been diagnosed with endo get regular but pianful, heavy periods and you have answered so thankyou so much, I hope things will get better for soon. xxxxx



I had a lap a few weeks ago to diagnose and treat endo. I was so scared beforehand but I would definitely say go ahead and have it. My periods were regular with no bleeding in between but a scan showed cysts on one ovary.

When they did the lap they found endometrioma cysts in both ovaries, my ovaries were stuck together and damage to my tubes from scarring. An ultrasound doesn't always show everything that is going on.

The consultant said my periods should improve now but we are also trying to conceive and we've been advised that IVF is our only real option.

Your symptoms do sound very much like endo and at least you'll know for sure after the lap. I would ask the consultant what they are planning to do if they find endo - I had it removed at the same time but I don't think that's always the case.

Hope that helps and that all goes well x


I would have the Lap done 100%.

I had no breakthrough bleeding, and my ultrasound came back clear with no cysts on my ovaries.

I have Endometriosis very mild and they only found this out due to doing the Lap surgery.

It took the doctors over a year to diagnose me, im so glad i had the surgery or i would have never known.

If i where you i would have it done to see if they can find anything.

Get better soon X


i had regular periods and everything had numerous scans that showed nothing but then they did a lap and found endo and scarring so is defo worth having done atleast then if they say no its not endo they can either give you a answer to what it is or they can do further tests x


Thankyou so much ladies for your replies which really have been so helpful. I will have the lap done and go from there i suppose, I really hope everyone of you are well. Thankyou again xxxx


Just get it done. If you don't have endo, they will know to keep looking, if you do have endo they can get it out. Either way you will know. It was the not knowing that got me and made me feel so down. I had my lap mid november and I already feel so much better. It doesn't take long to heal and it's just so great to know whats going on. If your gyne doesn't really know then it's a good thing he is recommending a lap as a lap is a diagnostic procedure- it's not meant to fix exactly it's meant to find.

Good luck xxx


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