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Where’s my period?

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So I had a laparotomy end of july.

Prior to this On 2nd of may I had a prostap injection (3 month dose)

Laparotomy was quite extensive, removed from almost everywhere from bowel to lungs! Came out of surgery with uretal bi lateral stents and a stoma after having to do a vowel resection.

Have had the stents removed now and recovering well however there’s been no sign of my period at all. It’s been 6 months since I had that injection which was a 3 month dose. Not that I’m complaining as it’s giving me relief but we want to start trying to conceive (wishful thinking according to the consultant but we can’t afford IVF so giving it a go) and there’s no sign of my cycle!!!

Anyone else had similar experiecnce?

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Hi Katie,

I’m afraid I don’t know, I don’t have any experience with prostap.

I can suggest going for a blood test to check your hormones levels? And maybe do random ovulation tests to see if that’s happening at all (poundland sells multiple tests for 1pound!!! and it works!).

May I ask what you thought of the stents? I’m due for a lap soon for my bladder endo and will have stents in, I have no idea how painful it is or if you feel it at all!!!

Good luck 👍👍💪💪💪🎗🎗🎗

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katie26 in reply to Hidden

Stent pain isn’t nice to be honest constantly felt like I had a water infection very tender flanks and pain passing in back. Once they took them out I literally felt like I could do cartwheels!!! I had mine in for 3 months but they serve there purpose and it’s like a distant memory now good luck with op xxxx

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