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Periods from my bottom


Hi , it's my first time on here. Does anyone else have a full period through there bottom .A week ago I had surgery after suffering for nearly two years. Actually a week ago I had my ovaries removed and I've started bleeding through my bum with clots and I'm having the same problems I had the surgery for .

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Hi Tracy, that does not sound good . I think you need to seek medical advice, Incase there is a problem inside.

If you're only a week out of surgery and having normal bleeding, you should tell your doctor ASAP.


If your ovaries were removed you should not be bleeding because there's nothing left to have you cycle.

Bleeding after surgery can also be a sign of a wound that was not properly sealed, I would get to the hospital and make sure it isn't a wound.

The wound would need to be stitched up.

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There are other areas that produce oestrogen, not just the ovaries. Even established endometrial tissue can produce oestrogen-like compounds that produce and prolong Endo. That's why post-menopausal women can still have Endo pain and symptoms, especially if all their endo growth has not been removed, although symptoms do often abate.

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However in most cases the oestrogen stops being produced over a certain period of time and eventually the tissue stops functioning.

In most cases HRT causes the endo tissue to function after menopause and the removal of ovaries.

However bleeding from the bottom after surgery is still cause for concern because of hemrohaging even if there are clots, it's better safe then sorry.

At the same time pain after the oestrogen stops being produced can be related to nerves that have been screwed up from chronic pain. After a person has been in pain for longer periods of time the 'pain gates' that normally open with acute pain (ovarian cyst rupture, broken arm) stay open. If the nerves have also been destroyed because of where the endo was they send false signals and cause more pain since nerves grow back distorted.

This also explains why amputees can still feel the area that was cut off since the brain is used to it being there.

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Yes I realise that: about the anal bleeding. I'd suggested to Tracey, in a separate post to her, that she go straight back to GP or hospital.

That is not a period. You need to see your gp

Yes, see your GP. If it was me I might consider A&E ... pick a quiet time. However, it sounds like the endo tissue may not have been removed. So once the bowel bleeding has been attended to, go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a BSGE Clinic, as they specialise in Endo Removal. If you had your op at a BSGE Clinic, I would get straight back to them, now.

Thank you all. I have seen my GP this morning.All my problems I had before surgery have come back .My GP is not happy and referring me back to the BSGE and bowel counsulant. I have been having periods with clots from my bottom for nearly two years with constipation the week of my period. I'm in so much pain I collapse .

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So they didn't remove all the endo? Normally BSGE removes it all.

I hope they remove it this time.

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