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Period pain in between my periods.

Does anyone else get strong period pain in-between your periods.. I've had a ultrasound and was told I've got a few little fibroids on each ovaries that everything else is okay and I've been referred to gynaecologist also because my periods are heavy and strong . Any else get this. Or does anyone know what will happen on my first gynaecologist appointment. Thank you.

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Hi Hayley

I suffer with period pain mid cycle and I have endometriosis.

I have never had fibroids before so I can’t offer any advice on that.

When you see the gynaecologist they will examine you and ask you questions about your symptoms. They may recommend a laparoscopy. The reason for this is that endometriosis rarely shows on scans, and if they feel your symptoms are typical of the condition it’s a way to diagnose and treat it if needs be.

Tina x


Right okay.. I'm am nervous of having the laparoscopy.. thank you. Your a start. I thought it was it me having these pains during mid cycle. If definitely not normal. My periods are so painful and heavy it unreal. Xx


I understand you being nervous about the lap. Honestly, it will give you a solid diagnosis and most likely treat the issue so scary as it is, it will be worth it. It may not even come to that after you see the gynaecologist anyway.

I’ve had several laparoscopies, if you ever need any advice just let me know x

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Thank you .😘 dreading it. Last time I had a operation down below I had a haemorrhage. Just scared of it happening again. X



Hey i just had my first lap about 12 weeks ago now and it is a distant memory for me having a tooth pulled was worse, it not bad at all, it all the build up and nerves to it then ur like oh is that it.... ur b sore for a couple weeks job done but what u will have is knowledge of why ur in pain? How they can treat u or even they may do it whilst in there and thats it...

I had painful period years and years and only complained about year ago when i started to faint through the pain.

On lap i had nothing apart from they noticed my blood clots faster then most so that why i had such big and painful clots when on period they gave me tranexamic acid to take when on and i wished id done it years ago... i know im healthy down there/ they also noticed my bowel was distended and sent me to gastro so it turns out alot of pain was dues to ibs i never knew i had... cut out gluten and dairy and im absolutely fine... explains all pain in stomach.

So what im trying to say is, a lap is a good thing... ur be helped at end of it...

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I feel the same too. I am on tranx acid (sorry for the spelling ) I'm still taking it but haven't noticed any difference really.


How long u been taking it and how do u take it? My dr told me u should never take it before u see a bleed, so as soon as i see it i take one.. with a naproxen and a couple cocodamol within half hour i can function..

and then i do same three times a day for about 3-4 days and it works for me but the if u have endo it prob wont. Although it should lightern the bleed


I only take it when I bleed. Or it the pain is really bad . I take 2 -4 time a days


🙁oh im gutted

For u as they work a treat for me but then i havent got endo i have clot problems.


Hi Hayley,

period pain when not on periods is a sure sign of both endometriosis and adenomyosis.

I’m sorry but it looks like you are an endosister like 176,000 millions of us throughout the world, so don’t feel alone, we understand abnormal symptoms, menstrual cycles, and pain!!!

Indeed, a lap will tell you what you have exactly. Please note you will get optimal results from a BSGE centre once diagnosed. Please see new NICE guidelines regarding the management of endometriosis. Do not allow a normal gyne to operate and remove endo, he can do an exploratory surgery but he cannot touch it as he doesn’t have the necessary expertise!

Good luck 🎗🎗

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I don't understand what you mean by the last paragraph xx



Yes, sorry that was a lot of info on one paragraph! I am currently dying of period pain in my bed hence the brain not working at its best.

I think you should read this and take it with you at your appointment



I know I'm sat down and I'm struggling as I'm getting very strong pains. X thank you. X


Are you taking anything? anything works for you? my in between period pain is usually easily covered with ibuprofen


I am only on tranx acid and co-codamol which is used for my back xx


Hi Hayley95, if you're new to endometriosis, you may find these links informative:

About Endometriosis leaflet: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Getting diagnosed info pack: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Treatment options: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Hope this helps,



Hi, I also have several small fibroids. I have been taking Esmya which they have responded well to. It hasn't eased the pain though so my gynae is sure my pain is not related to my fibroids. Like you, I have pain in between periods. The pain is like a stabbing burning pain. I am waiting on a Laparoscopy. Hope you get some answers.


Yes - it would seem that mid cycle pain is common for us, but IME as the specialists don’t know what causes it, don’t really seem to recognise it or want to do much about it, calling it ‘endometrial-related pain’

I get pain when my oestrogen levels are high, which is why combined pill was no good for me but progesterone only was much better (gave me several months of respite).


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