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Stomach cramps shooting pain, IBS, feeling sick, constipation to soft stools

I just don’t get why this keeps happening my bowels feel so upset and my stomach is constantly grumbling unhappy and upset. I’m either constipated and can’t go for days or have to rush to loo and go and it’s soft.

Feel over super emotional as well

Currently moving house, waiting for a laparoscopy and my dog just had surgery. Stressed out isnt even the word

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Hey Kate!

I'm having this exact same problem as long with severe pelvic pain that started in July and shoots around my hips and back. I've had 2 transvaginal ultrasounds that came back clear, and now just waiting for an MRI in a months time. I'm really worried about ovarian cancer, even though I'm 23 and my ultrasounds were clear. Just don't know what else could explain my pain since endo was not found during the transvaginal ultrasounds and my pain is not cyclical. Lately, I've become really constipated despite being vegan and eating a lot of fibre. When I do go, my stools are really soft. Also my descending colon (by my hips) is tender to touch and almost feels swollen. Let me know how your lap goes! Wish I could get one, but here in Canada you can't go private, and they won't give you a lap without a conclusive reason.

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I’m in the same situation as you I’ll message you



I've read your posts and sounds like your pain is similar to mine, they can't see endometriosis on ultrasound scan so I wouldn't rule it out.

My doctor has told me they can only see it when they do a laparoscopy so push for it!

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Ur problems sound like mine!

Even the painful colon.

I was told endo but after lap and colonoscopy found i had ibs and was gluten dairy intolerant.

My colon hurt coz i was poisoning it with my intolerances so mayb this could b a problem u have


Hi kate 345

I have same prob, was given lap 10 weeks ago and i have no endo so all my probs are ibs related...

It effects my moods, my periods everything.... i get pain before i poop and after.

These are the things i have learnt from friends, gastroentologist, nutrionalist and a alergist.

I have found cutting down sugar helps, refined sugar messes ur mind, hormones levels and stomach up ,plays with your moods and is just plain bad..

I have cut out gluten( no breads, no dough, no cakes) it bad in general and also found out i was intolerant to it.

Also cut out dairy and gone plant based ie soya!

All these have made a massive difference to my stomach it more settled and happier, my hair thicker and shinier, my nails look great and my skin looks briliant.

I poo normally instead of goin loads or not at all.

I also take probiotics( bioglan gut flora) , a digestive enzyme and peppermint oil, it has all worked a treat.

My periods were horrific but now are normal, my moods stay on one level im not all over place and i have no brain fog and have alot more energy.

So mayb u could b intolerant to something? It effects ur whole system if u are especially if ur a women


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