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I'm absolutely gutted, just rang my hospital regarding my appointment to have an other laparoscopy, and been told I will be waiting till July August time, I can't believe it, feel like I've just been thrown in front of a bus, that's another 3/4 months already been 2 months waiting, and I've just booked a family holiday to Spain 4th August, really am very upset, might have to give up work now, as dint think I can go on like this for another 4 months 

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Sending love your way ❤️ Xx


Oh no.  So sorry to hear that :-( X


Hi, really sorry to hear this. I'm waiting for hysterectomy and endo removal and I don't dare make any plans such as holidays or big day trips just incase I get a date. Even if it was before a holiday I think I need to recover at home. 

I really hope you don't have to wait too much longer. Can you have a talk with work about taking extended leave while you are waiting?



Thanks, I had a hysterectomy last July and put everything on hold, so this year I thought sod it, I'll book holiday, wish I hadn't now, but fed up with putting my illness before my children's lives, x, 


I really hope things get moving more quickly for you xx


Awe that's awful I'm so sorry. I've been waiting since January for pelvic Physio to see if it helps with my daily pain I feel like I'm falling to bits! I have my first appointment next week so I know how it feels to wait forever and its absolutely s...!! I hope you feel better soon xxx


Aw I'm sorry, lots of love and hugs. My friend called every 2 weeks for cancellations and got one so long shot but worth a go? Xx 


I'm in the same position. Got reffered in February 4-6 month wait. I've booked a long weekend away in June and a holiday abroad in November I can garantuee it falls near my holiday in June :( wish they gave you notice or a choice of a few dates to pick. 


So sorry to hear this, I completely sympathise. I waited for two months for NHS before deciding to go private as I have insurance. Have you checked to see if work have it? They may even cover the cost if it gets you back to them sooner? 

I got in two weeks for lap after referring privately. NHS weren't even going to get me in for consultation until June! They just don't take it seriously enough! 

Take care x


No suck luck I'm afraid, and can't afford that sort of money, HOW much is it any way?


It's a lot I'm afraid, I wouldn't have been able to do it without insurance. It was £200 for consultation and then roughly £2,500 for op... You might be able to find cheaper places though... Sorry not much help, shame work don't cover you. Definitely keep nagging them for any cancellation slots xx

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Have you tried ringing and speaking to your hospitals patient and liaison service? I'm currently in this process as was reffered to the hospital end of January and saw my consultant beginning of February. I was told his surgery list is exceeding the 18week current NHS guidelines.

I spoke to PALS and after they spoke to the gynae dept. They came back and told me I would get my surgery before the breach date (18 weeks from the GP referral) however since rang and spoke to the secretary who seems to think I will breach. So trying to sort this out at the minute...

Google about the 18 week waiting times on the NHS. Might help if you can say to the hospital they are making you wait too long. Supposedly you can complain and what's supposed to happen is that you get to choose where and when you get treated! (Even if that's at a private hospital) but I'm not sure if this is achievable in reality!!

If this doesn't work, you might want to think about emailing your local MP. Seems this has worked for a few ladies..... Sadly you have to kick up a stink sometimes.

Also ask about the cancellation list. Hope this helps X


Ps. 18 weeks takes me to the beginning of June, whereas the secretary kept mentioning 26 weeks which is around August. I only work part time and I'm really struggling with the awful pain and fatigue, so in a similar position to yourself. But can't afford to stop working or go on the sick so having to force myself to work everyday.

I'm also upset as can't plan anything and currently unable to go out socially the majority of the time as I'm simply too ill. So I sympathise with you xx


Aw thanks for your reply, I rang secretary and she said try getting gp to send letter to consultant as the injection hasn't changed my position and I'm still in pain most days, but tbh I don't think much will change if there's a list and so many people are in front of me then what can be done, I've said I'll take a cancellation, so we will see, it is what it is at the end o of the day, good luck to you, and fingers crossed we will get seen to quickly, xx


How are you doing? Have you heard anymore? See my reply to Booboo08. I ended up having my surgery Monday 16th May. After an email to contact PALS again, I had a lady ring me and they had sorted out a surgery date for less than two weeks away!! I'm so glad I hassled them for a date.

Whilst I was in hospital, the lady in the next bed and I got talking. She had had surgery straight after me, with the same surgeon. She had only had to wait 5weeks from her appointment to getting surgery!! And she had no complained or anything. Her sister was with the same consultant and had been waiting 5 months, and still was for her surgery..... So I don't think these lists always work on the first come, first served basis. The lady who waited 5 weeks was a short surgery so I think they just slotted her in after me..... It's us complex ladies that end up waiting longer, and usually in a lot more pain! (My surgery was 3.5hours with bowel surgeon and urologist in it as well)

I hope you hear something soon. X


Same. They opened me up at xmas removed nothing. Told me it was stage 4 snd didnt kw how id coped....erm yeah!

Said next op will be feb. Now told this week july-aug. Freaking joke. Had quit a high up job cos ive had too much time off wrk an thought id of been fixed xmas.

Dnt kw how im goin cope all through summer like this,in a new job.

Nobody gets it. Only us on this site. Living with it day 2 day.

Hugs hun xxx


I know this was a while ago, but please get in touch with the patient and liason service (pals) at your hospital and explain the situation you in. Especially in regards to the fact it's looking likely you won't actually have surgical treatment for 6months plus, from when you had the diagnostic lap! Tell them about you quitting a job because of the pain you are in etc. And also go back to your GP, explain the situation and see if you can get them to write a letter pushing for treatment sooner.

I honestly only believe the reason I got my surgery 16 weeks from my GP referral was because I got PALS involved. I was told I could be waiting as long as 26weeks + by the consultants secretary and consultant told me his surgery list was longer than 18weeks at my first appointment. Suddenly after a few phonecalls and sending an email to pals, a lady rang to say my pre-op was the following week and surgery was the week after!

I used the 18week NHS refferal to treatment rule, and explained how I was in increasing daily pain, with cysts that were growing fairly rapidly, and that I was having to take time off work and feared for my job.

It's worth trying, and I'm so glad I made those calls and emailed.


Hi flowerpots. I contacted PALS and ive had 2 letters to see GP and surgeon in the last week. Talk about fast work.

Tbag. Pals is where you complain about the hostpital. A lady from PALS will then chase your case.

Im still waiting since dec,but feel like im moving forward now.

Flowerpot thank you! How are u doing since bowel/endo surgery as thats what im waiting on? Xx


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