How does anyone feel about alcohol? I'm learning to avoid gluten, dairy and meat.. which is easy part. Sugar I'm finding harder but possible. But I love my red wine! I never drink alot but one glass at the end of a tough day or a couple more with a friend allows me to feel normal and sociable! Ive read that red wine is the worst choice due to inflammatory nature and also specifically the tanins which have impact of oestrogen, somehow (not sure how), and over taxing liver.

I'm wondering if others here have given it up and noticed benefit...?

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Remember red wine is just fermented grape juice in other words its just fermented sugar! Many strong painkillers should not be taken with alcohol.

Fermented grape juice with the history and cultures and social customs that come alongside it. I love the taste (not fussed about the alcohol specifically). Good red wine reminds me of relaxing holidays in the south of France, travelling through Argentina, meeting growers and their communities... and just letting go a little!- sounds like a silly thing to struggle with especially cos I do happily do regular cleanses. But then when my workload increases and winding down gets tricky, I love a glass! I know it prob has to be next on my list, but I feel so put out by it.. we have to give up so much just to make things tolerable! It feels unfair.

You said you were trying to avoid sugar. Wine is sugar.

Yes that is why it is on my list. Thanks

I have cut out alcohol (and reduced dairy and gluten). Sugar is almost impossible but I will do it one day! I have noticed alcohol made me feel really down, blue, depressed for about two to three days after having it. Since I gave it up (I only really drank 2-4 units at a time) I feel freer, more able to cope and clearer in my head. When I wake up I don't have the mental battle of feeling guilty at putting my body under undue stress just for a mild buzz the night before. My mental health feels stronger.

I'm still looking for ways to feel relaxed, as alcohol was always my go-to grown up treat. If you find a replacement for alcohol to help you let go a little, and remind you of holidays and travelling then you can still enjoy yourself. Cutting down on alcohol might see an improvement in your symptoms but unless you try it you'll never know. I've found since I cut out alcohol and go running for ten or fifteen minutes on alternate days the clots have reduced. Hope you can get some relief.

Thank you, that is a better way of thinking of it. Some of these things are so much a part of how we live .. using running for endorphins is a good idea. I prefer running actually, but have found it aggravates my core muscles too much at the moment. Perhaps once I reduce my inflammatory intake, I'll be able to try this again.

Cutting out the food does seem to help symptoms, but I still feel a bit alien with friends and family. I always love to cook and bake. GF DF SF cakes don't seem to go down so well with them, I need more practice!

I used to run and do runs with friends, also went to gym and pilates with friends and cant do that yet.

My friends all have multiple kids but the endo I have means I can not have more than my 1 miracle (who I am incredibly grateful for! I had her 6 years ago)'

The glass of wine lets me feel a bit more normal. I like good wine so never drank volumes, but I think the goal is to cut it out entirely!

I suppose it ll take time to adjust and find new social norms. I'm just going through a stage of finding it hard, realising how much the disease has taken from me already. :-(

Hope you feel well enough to do the exercise you liked in the past. New social norms- I've found that not drinking means my social life is more meaningful. And I know what you mean about SF GF Df baking...I guess when communally eating there will be an element of trying reduced portions in those foods and compromise from your friend sand family in trying your bakes. The advice for peanut intolerance isn't to reintroduce the peanut in Tony amounts, so once you've eliminated and found the main cause of inflammation it might be ok to eat reasonable amounts of gluten, dairy or sugar in the future.

I've not heard that about red wine in particular - what a shame! I really don't think one glass a few times per week can be so bad. It's all about drinking in small quantities...I heard that French women don't even stop drinking wine during pregnancy because they only ever have small measures now and binges.

With my diet I've found that adding things in that reduces my symptoms, not so much taking things out. Basically loads of green veg in different forms.

Running is king/queen/god - definitely helps and I force myself to go out even if I have to stop because of the pain. Agree with you Bella29 it does have an impact on core muscles.

Enjoy your weekend - hug your little miracle and have a (small) glass of Malbec! x

Thanks, you are my new best friend! Im really interested in your adding things in rather than taking things out! Sounds v positive. Makes sense to eliminate the things that trigger inflammation in u specifically.

Out of interest do u eat a particular number of portions of fruit n veg a day? Do u eat fish or nuts and seeds?

Im a student nutritionist but I believe v strongly in finding a diet to suit the person without impacting too much on their life. Fitting the person to the diet can be quite a negative experience in the long term.

Perhaps ill read up on wine and the French constitution.. However I'm pretty sure wine is a trigger for me. Ive known this since I was 16 but not accepted it. I do wonder though if it is the sulphur and preservatives that trigger inflammation rather than the wine itself... when I have wine on hols straight from vineyard artisan producer, there seems to be not resultant inflammatory response! 😊

Yes I'm all about mackerel and big on nuts :-) not sure if it makes a difference though. Maybe you are right about the chemicals they put in wine to preserve and trade it ... I'm not too clear on how it works.

I'm just curious to know how many of you have been on the FODMAP diet?

Hi I tried the FODMAP diet for 6 months using the official recipe book and app. It was hard because I am vegetarian already (no meat or fish). Long story short is that it didn't work for me. I felt better some of the time - but that was due to going gluten free. I'm now dairy free too and avoid sugar and caffeine. That seems to work best. Onions garlic and beans (all banned in the fodmap diet) are fine for me after all! I know a lot of people do find the low fodmap diet helpful but be warned it cuts out a lot of nutrient rich foods whilst allowing other foods (like refined sugar!) that are inflammatory.

Yes I been on it myself and you are right, it is very severe. Even being gluten free is very severe and it takes a while to get used to the fact that you will not be able to go down certain aisles in supermarket like the bread aisle, the biscuit aisle, the chocolate aisle, the cereal aisle etc etc. And the constant reading of food packets and wheat turning up in weird places like certain french fries, smh.

My bowel moves very slowly so I can't take anything high fibre because it will just sit there and ferment, so I'm on FODMAP light with low fibre which means I don't have to eat anything brown like rice or pasta, although I knew before I got ill that the carbs were making me sleepy at work, its probably worse now.A meal with gluten free bread/pasta etc and I am snoring for at least 2-4 hours after!

I haven't tried it. I heard it was quite complex. I have definitely heard of people doing well on it though.

I have been gluten and dairy free for 1 year now and find that easy. Also red meat.

Alcohol i havent drank for a year but have just introduced it back into my life i have gin or vodka less sugar with soda or diet tonic water but i got to say it like my body not very happy with it.... i went out Friday had 3-4 and i felt so ill on saturday all day i just had bellyache and felt sick all day it just wasnt worth it. Mayb it coz my body is so healthy in what i dont put in it that when i put something horrible in it just doesnt like it?

Gutted coz i love a drink! But i think i got to give up with it

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