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Would i need to come off CILEST to undergo tests & treatment?

I have been back and forth from my GP since i was about 10 years old (now 22). I suffered alot with leg pain, dizzyness, stumach cramps, violently being sick. I was bedridden for 4 days everymonth,this effected my school work. So my mum & GP decided to put me on THE PILL. I tried about 3 untill i came across CILEST. This has changed my life completely. But know i have found out about Endometriosis i think its time to bring that up with my GP.

I have tried to come off CILEST a couple of times now but i am back to square one. And i can't cope being in that pain again. Ive never been diagnosed with Endo. Nor have i had any tests done. But judging my symptoms i know i have it.

I really want to have children in about 4 years or so. I am scared i have left it too long.

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Im on cilest and it hasn't seemed to help me at all even when talk g it back to back I still get random bleeding etc. I've tried other pills and this is the best one but still not great imo.

If you think you have it, bring it up with your GP and push to see a gynocologist specialist so you can be checked out.

Good luck x


Hello. Thanks for replying. Have you tried taking the 7 day break? Thats what i do. I have a 'normal period'. Ive been on it for about 3 years now. But when i try to come off it all together thats when the endo pains start. CILEST is a godsend to me! I just want the answers i never got all them years ago xx


I'm in constant pain at the moment on cilest and am on my 29th day of bleeding. Been advised not to take the 7 day break as it could make bleeding and pain even worse for me. I used to take the 7 day break and for about 3 months I was having a 'normal' period but then my suspected endo took a turn for the worse for can't come off it for even a break now. I did believe in Cilest when I first got put on it tho, I've had a lot less side effects than I did on Provera pills and Rigevedon.


Oh wow! I hope you find something to help soon. My worst nightmare is to be in all that pain again. I have an apointment with the GP on the 20th. I wont leave untill she refers me to a gyno 😂 xx


Good idea! Hope you get your referal, good luck x


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