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UTIs and bowel issues - endo link?

I keep reading so many people talking about endometriosis and UTIs.

I’ve suffered with chronic UTIs since I was 16, constant cystitis. Sometimes infections would show up other times not. There was some inflammation seen on a cystoscopy inside my bladder and bleeding. At this point I had pain free periods but painful sex and constant on going UTIs. I was diagnosed with institital cystitis and a chronic infection a few years ago..

I also have always had constipation and huge stools for a 5ft4 girl. I had a fetal inpactation when I was 13.

Fast forward to age 26, I’ve had pelvic pain and painful periods and IBS symptoms for the past 4 months.

Just wondered if there’s any links or if anyone had anything like this previous to period symptoms

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Hi Kate,

I was always plagued with UTI's when I was a child and teenager, and to some extent now I'm an adult. Everytime they test my urine there is blood in it! I was also treated for overactive bladder syndrome last year (which was not successful, I still suffer the symptoms)

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in May and asked if my bladder/kidney trouble could be related. The doctor basically said its very rare and probably not, but I feel like she didn't listen to what I was saying and I wish I had pushed it more. I'm going to my gp next week and I'm going to discuss it with him too.

One thing I've learnt on my endo journey is that you have to be persistent, to the stage you're annoying to get anywhere with a diagnosis or treatment!

Good luck Kate!


Thing is if there’s endo near the bladder it can be irritated I was reading that endo and IC are basically good friends


does ic = incontinence? makes sense for me!


IC is inflammation of the bladder can cause pain, urgency and stinging


which is exactly how I feel! are those your symptoms too? I wish Dr's would take us seriously!

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Yeah I do I have a chronic bladder infection and inflammation


Hi everyone, I have Endometriosis on the bladder and adhesions fron the uterus to the bladder. So I always have blood in my urine and severe pain in the bladder. I run to the loo constantly. Sometimes every 30 minutes. When I got diagnosed years ago they removed the Endo from the bladder butility basically said that I will always struggle with IC and chronic bladder issues thanks to the Endo on my bladder. I also have bowel issues due to Endometriosis there.

So the two are related especially if you have Endometriosis on your bladder!

Hope this helps xx


My worry is at 71yrs should one get rid of endometriosis just found when could go to be cancerous because of chronic utis 3 weekly .I had dysmenorea severely since my periods started early .Originally it was controlled with pill, then HRT... I was one of the first on the pill which prevented the pain as well as a urethrotomy for one ureter too many & neurogenic bladder .I cannot tolerate catheterisation so a chicken & egg situation as now have heart failure/PAH & lipo -lymphoedema which all do not always show up on Tests. Could the laparoscopic assist or should I leave as no pain or bleeding yet cannot tolerate internals ?


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