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Random periods with Mirena?


Hi ladies - hope you're all on a good day. Just wondered if anyone had had very erratic periods with the mirena? I've only had it in a week and a half but have had 2 periods already. Is this normal? I've had daily spotting in between which is fine but then I have heavier bleeding and awful period-like pain. I realise it will take up to 6 months to settle and as I've been getting on ok, I'm quite happy to persevere, I just didn't expect so many periods xx

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Yes totally normal, it kind of does its own thing till it settles and that can take up to 6 months.

I had mine put in when I had my lap last month and I am also on my second period, mind you it's already nowhere near as heavy but the pain been really bad, much worse than usual and im also suffering from bad nausea, hope it will all settle in time.


Yeah I'm exactly the same. It's much lighter, but much more painful. Don't want to be getting a period every other week! Fingers crossed it settles. Good luck and hope you're recovering after your lap xx

Thank you, stil in pain but doing much better!! Hopefully it will settle for u soon, I hear its really good for a lot of ladies so here's hoping its good for us too :-)

Hi ladies....I also had d mirena a few years back n was exactly d same....unfortunately I was bleeding very heavy non-stop for jus over 7months and also passed numerous very large clots since it was fitted....I was so exhausted from it all and was anaemic due to d loss of blood so wud defo advise taken sum iron tabs til it settles....in d end I had 2 hav it removed....spoke 2 a few women who thought it was brilliant and den women jus d same as u......each n every one of us reacts differently to everything so plz god it will work 4 u both....Hope u feel better soon and d best of luck :) xx

Mine where really unsettled for six months but then settled brilliantly

Thank you cuddlybear here's hoping it works cause there's no way I could cope with the pain of 2 periods a month!!! xxx

No probs,anytime....reali hopes it works 4 you and if it doesn't der r plenty of other options out der....anything is worth a shot....best of luck xx

I had mine fitted last Wednesday during my lap, I had a bit of spotting on the Thursday but nothing since. I have noticed that i seem to be in a constant bad mood! Dreading my period though.

Thanks for all your replies :-) I'm thinking the Iron tablets could be a good idea as I'm constantly tired at the minute. Jo12 I've been really grumpy since it's been put in as well. Really hope that settles as I was horrible on the pill with mood swings as well. Bleeding, tiredness and grumpyness aren't a good combo lol xx

I had mine removed last month. I had it in abut 8 months and pretty much bled constantly.

I also became hell to live with!!

had it removed and mentally and physically now feel much better x

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