light periods?

does anyone have light periods whth there endo? i feel convinced i have something more serious than endo because everyone here seems to have heavy periods. i have pain everyday apart from my period? i will have the pain for the first day i start my period bad back ache, front ache all the usual but it usualky lasts for around a day and then the next 6days im not really in any pain. is this normal?

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  • Everyone is different. I'm stage 4 with some what light periods pretty much black blood to start with the really bright pink then back to black with mild pain yet when I'm not on a period I can have bad pains.

  • when im not on my period my pains are horrendous! i don't think my symptoms match endo 😕

  • again everyone is different. Hopefully your next lap will help you.

  • hopefully, thanks x

  • Please try not to have too many Laproscopies it's not the answer... I've had alternative therapy to help me get rid of the adhesions i had after the Laproscopies... I refuse now to have anymore because i've come through the endo...

  • May I ask what alternative therapy you have had? I am seeing a homeopath in couple of days and putting a great hope on it! You can pm me if you want, thank you xx

  • Cryotherapy is the alternate therapy I've had.

  • I'm stage 4 and I'm the same as Lovisa .. I went for a lap as I was diagnosed with unknown PID. An ultrasound showed hydrosalphinx and fluid in my bowel loops. Never even had painful periods but my were mostly brown which would go on and on. I've just had my surgery and I'm worse. First diagnosed with constipation, then IBS, then sent to a colorectal surgeon who's said my bowels are inflamed so as requested a colonoscopy! As my second lap, which was major surgery didn't sort the issue, not even temporarily, I think endo wasn't the cause of my issues. Keep a diary of pain levels, diet, and poo, pee.. Your pain might be radiating from somewhere else

  • Hi, I had severe endo for which after years of hormones, surgeries etc. I had a hysterectomy. I never had heavy bleeding because I had a condition called Asherman's which was caused by a caesarian section which damaged my uterus lining.

  • Hi, do you mind me asking how you are doing after the hysterectomy? My consultant has suggested cutting out endo then having hysterectomy for adenomyosis and fibroids. How was your recovery?

  • I had my hysterectomy 2yrs ago, i delayed for a long time as i desperately wanted another child, which sadly never happened. In many ways i wished i had had it sooner, so many people said how well i looked after, when i look back i was pained everyday and so tired. Unfortunately in the last 6months i have had pain return (although) not as bad as it was. It is cyclic as i still have my ovaries, as i was 36 when i had my hysterectomy. My gynaecologist has suggested i now have ovaries removed but i don't want any more surgery so tolerating the pain as its bad only a few days a month. Overall it was definitely the right thing for me. Good luck ☺

  • I never had heavy periods at all and I have stage 4 endometriosis. I was always very light but with alot of pain during my period. Not everyone is the same but you know your own body x

  • hi , i too have light periods and not much pain either really .I was diagnosed 18 yrs ago and recently had a laparoscopy and was told its quite bad and they couldnt get it all. The surgeon said he couldnt believe I wasnt in more pain. Think i have a high pain threshold or Im really lucky. you are not alone

  • Hi aimee before my laparoscopy my periods went really light & were short, only 2 days. During the surgery a large cyst was removed and I always wondered if the blood had been filling up the cyst, rather than being shed. After the laparoscopy they have been longer & heavier, but not problematically so. I think there is no 'normal' with endo though 😕

  • Ps some of my worst pain is actually at other times of the month rather than my period, and I'm stage 3 x

  • I never had particularly heavy periods. When symptoms first started day 1 was awful and I used to get horrible pains and feel like I'd pass out. After that I didn't get much pain beyond what is think was normal. At some point my periods got slightly heavier but with less pain- I found the heavier I was the less it hurt. I always had ovulation pain. Then after another while I had pain all the time which was all over my abdomen, back, leg, foot. This was every day and had no correlation with periods.

    Everyone is different.

  • this is exactly how i feel, im just not sure my symptoms really Match endo. theres so many things they could match and ovarian cancer is my main concern. im waiting for my second lap, first lap a couple of years ago showed 'no signs of endo'

  • Hi Aimee the gp can do a blood test for ovarian cancer to set your mind at rest. I was scared of that. My periods are pretty normal aside from a fair bit of pain on day one and spotting. Most of my symptoms were back ache, fatigue, bladder problems, fainting, dyspareunia, cystitis, thrush, feeling fluey . I went to doc thinking i maybe had a kidney infection then the doc found a lump and said she suspected endo which has sadly since been confirmed by diagnostic lap. A blood test was done straight away to eliminate cancer.

  • thanks for your reply, i went to the docs today i have the blood test booked for thursday! i am soo nervous i feel sick!! i am dreading results, i wrote a post earlier about it 😕 xx

  • I have a 23 day cycle, my period is light, but will drag on for 6-7days. I have AWFUL pain with my periods and throughout my cycle. I'm lucky to have 5 days a month pain free. My pain isn't just cramps, it deep stabbing pain that causes me to pass out.

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