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Hey everyone.

I'm just awaiting to see a specialist about endometriosis so not sure if I have it yet but it seems like it.

Horrendous periods, fatigue, bad ovulation pains etc.

I recently came off the injection but had started suffering ovulation like pains before that. This was about a month a half ago.

Another thing that seems to be happening is serious bloating after eating! Is this something anyone else deals with, with endometriosis??

It is even after small meals! It's starting to get right on my nerves as it makes me feel extremely tired and sometimes it's after my lunch break at work!

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Yes the bloating is the worst, my stomach has been bloated none stop for the past 6 months weather I eat or not, I went 5 weeks without eating and was bloated the whole time x


Oh that's horrible :( It is making me feel conscious about how much I should eat. It's an uncomfortable feeling!


Yeah I bloat every day! It's horrible, I look 6months pregnant when I bloat! I tiny as it is so I look huge lol, heat helps take away the uncomfortable feeling for me, either a heat pad or hot water bottle x


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