Bloated, flatulence constipation

Me again folks, I am currently laying in bed with a hot water bottle my back is aching my stomach is very bloated I look about three months pregnant I am also not doing my "normal" bowel movements but managing bits each day gross I know sorry !!!! Does anyone experience this as a symptom of endometriosis as yet again I'm wondering if it's yet something else to add to my list for the doctors? I sent an email to the specialist endometriosis surgeon at Edinburgh royal infirmary two days ago but no reply do you think I will receive one or will I need to pay for this I am a student I have asked my go to refer me to a specialist but she basically said I would only be referred to gyny again I'm very confused by all these symptoms I've experienced for years it's all just coming to light that it's ALL possibly endometriosis

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  • You may have endo on your bowel. I had terrible bowel issues for years and found out that all my organs were stuck together including my bowel. I had my operation last year and they removed it and separated everything but I still have ups and downs particularly during period time. Just don't let your doc pass it off as irritable bowel syndrome like mine did for years...

  • i have all of the above symptoms plus heartburn, nausea and headaches on occasions. i was diagnosed with IBS about 20 years ago and for the last three years put all my symptoms down to IBS. it was only the lower abdo pain that became persistent that made me go to the doctors - now awaiting a lap hyst shortly as they think i may have endometriosis. the two conditions symptoms seemed to have blurred and crossed over so i now no longer know which is playing up. buscopan and a good heartburn med are always helpful for me.

  • I've just been to see the nurse I've got gavascon and a drink to help with constipation I don't have ibs but symptom s are very similar so I do believe all my health issues are down to my endometriosis going by what everyone else on here experiences x

  • It took seven years for me to be diagnosed. My first lap was yesterday and I've chronic endo on pouch of Douglas and ligaments that has caused terrible bowel and bladder problems but I am relieved as he didn't find endo on my bowel and bladder xx

  • Before panicking, try to eat a healthier diet (bananas, plums, raspberries, beans + vegetables) with more fiber and more yogurt to help with the bowels.xx

  • Hey, yeah I have a good diet I eat lots of fresh foods fruit and veg I will keep it up though. X

  • are you sure about beans , any in particular. Thank you

  • I am sure that beans are full of fiber, but some people don't tolerate them, and may require digestive enzymes to help them.

  • Sounds strange but try less fibre, I'm on a low fibre diet now and it's helped loads with the pain and bloating.


  • fiber is crucial for collecting excessive estrogen circulating and being reabsorbed by the body.

  • thank you for the info.

  • I have all these symptoms I'm not diagnosed X peppermint tea can help with the bloating and try and eat a very plain diet noting that will irritate ure tummy. Also get ure urine checked for uti I had uti and made my belly very bloated it went down when I had a short course of antibiotics. I have a gyne referal but I've started cerazette today because endo symptoms are getting too much now X I'm the same to hot water bottle on my back now lol X

  • beside the gavascom ,what other drink you mentioned ? were those helpfull with your flatulance

  • thank you for the infos.

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