Does anybody else suffer with severe bloating due to their endometriosis? I can't find anything to eat that doesn't result in me looking like I'm at a full term pregnancy... apart from lettuce and there's only so much of that I can live on. Anyone else who suffers with this and has and tips please get in touch it really gets to me, I'm 9st and only small so when I'm bloated (everyday) it makes me feel so self concienous and feel myself forever breathing in.

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I find oat cakes and rice or corn cakes with homous and avocado on them seems not to bloat me so much and fruit and carrots and crisps I live on mostly if I don't wanna be too bloated but by the end of the day . Some days even if I've eaten next to nothing still seem to be bloated even mid cycle just seems to be so random the bloating very annoying the pains bad enough without bloated painful stomach meaning everything I wear apart from pajamas uncomfortable 😡😡😡😡 hope you've had a bloat free day 💗💗💗

Thanks for your reply alicepirate! Everyday I'm just bloated and it looks horrible. I'll try oat and rice cakes and avocado. It's horrible isn't it, as soon as I get home I'm straight in my pyjamas or joggers and a baggy tshirt. I've just turned 24 and never been body conscious until this past year or so so think I'm still adjusting and finding it hard to accept that it is what it is now. I've cut out bread I used to have. bread nearly every day and cut down to just twice a week now but still feel massive. Even on days where I'm busy with the little one and eat nothing I look in the mirror before bed and feel disgusted. Sorry I'm rambling on I know haha. Just nice to talk to people that actually understand x

No I know it is really weird I keep trying different diets and it makes no diffference I drink loads of peppermint tea , charcoal tablets , ginger , Tumeric it just annoying . As sometimes I bloat sometimes I don't. I drink the "daily cultures" green tea which has probiotics in I find them really good , normally when ever I take abx get really ill thrush 😡😩 etc but with those I'm fine . Find them really good and green tea good anyway looked into them a bit and think the probiotics are reasonable in them and reach the gut . Probably not as good as the super expensive ones but somewhere in between 💗💗

You've made me just wanna try everything you've just said haha! My mums tried peppermint tea but had no change from drinking it, she suffers with really bad IBS though I don't have IBS... unless bloating means I do have IBS? I don't know I've never looked into it because going by the symptoms my mum has I've never thought I had it 🤔 Maybe I should research and look into IBS too haha rambling again. Gunna go into town today and stock up on peppermint and green tea I think 😁 Hopefully it'll help, fingers crossed and thank you! X

They sell the daily cultures green tea in holland and Barrett I think anyway , so good luck with your quest milk thistle good too ❤️❤️❤️❤️ IBS seems to be a bucket term for a lot of symptoms that they use when they not sure what it , is they have hinted at IBS for me I I am seeing a dietitian soon hopefully I have adenomyosis though and I am bit older than you so my case is probably different to yours but think gut health and detoxing and stuff has gotta help us all ..... beat the bloat 😂😂 anyway will leave you be have a lovely bloat reducing week 😄

I find that probiotics really do help. their called prescript assist probiotics on amazon. there about 40 pound. my physiotherapist suggested them to me.

Thanks for your reply carlysky, a bit weary about buying online can ya buy them from shops too? Like holland and Barrett or anything do you know? X

Hi. I have looked in holland and Barrett and they didn't sell it. I haven't seen them in any shops. but please give them a try! my physiotherapist said they have helped all of her clients. they are good bacteria and they have helped with my bloating and stomach pains. Amazon is the best price. I was the same as u and I didn't want to pay 40 pound but they are worth it. my physio lady said take one tablet every day for 3 weeks, then start to take 1 every other day and eventually you should know when u need to take them X

Thank you so much!! X

Also if u do get it take them before you eat in the morning

have a try with some peppermint oil capsules, they are good for digestion. You can get them online, at chemists, or by prescription x

I'm gunna have a look tomorrow thank you! X

Hi, i went for nearly 18 months with a permanently distended abdomen which was extremely painful, made me nauseous and very self conscious. This was due to a mass of adhesions around my ovaries and bowel. After I had surgery to remove both ovaries and as many adhesions as possible (and recovery) I finally had a flat tum again. I was elated . However a year after surgery my distention came back (permanently again) and tests revealed more cysts which I have just had removed along with further adhesions. I am 4 weeks post op and think my distention has gone again (it's a bit intermittent at the moment). So I am sure my distention is caused by trapped fluid (which they also found), irritation and trapped bowel, restricting natural bowel movement. They found I have both my small bowel and large bowel is completely stuck and will require bowel resection in the future.........😔 I too have tried all diet changes and found nothing worked. It's been permanently distended. The worst was wearing a maternity frock to xmas party as it was the most flattering for my massive tum! I am now having counselling to help me come to terms with what is happening to me, future possibilities, positive mind etc. I have had 2 sessions so far and I am finding it very cathartic because I can share my deepest, darkest thoughts without upsetting anyone! Good luck!

Oh my god bless ya bevj1 sounds like you've been through a lot!! And sounnds like you have even more to go through. It's horrible isn't it we weren't born knowing we'd have to live like this, our bodies shouldn't be like this. I hope you recover soon and I hope things go back to how they used to be. At least you're not alone xx

try peppermint / spearmint tea and organic activated charcoal tablets are brilliant to combat gas and bloating x

Thank you!! Xx

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