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5 days post lap, pelvic pain

Hi, I am 5 days post laparoscopy. This was my second lap, 1st was in July which was diagnostic, this one was for excision of endometriosis of both ovaries, uteral sacral ligament and ureter. They told me it was "moderate". I had no adhesions thankfully but did have scaring and nodules. I feel like I am recovering well, managing to walk around with a reasonable pace now and getting in and out of bed is much easier than it has been. My issue is, I'm feeling really disheartened. One of my endo symptoms was pelvic pain for 2 weeks before my period...and I still have this. I can't work out if it's just because I've had surgery, or if it is just that the operation wasn't a success. Has anyone suffered with pelvic pain before a lap, and during recovery but then have been fine after recovery? We have been trying for a baby for coming up 3 years now and I was really hopefull that removing the endo would give us a good chance but now I'm worried it hasn't worked. (We don't meet criteria for fertility treatment because we conceived naturally last year after 2 years trying, but sadly miscarried). I do feel a bit positive as I usually would have horrific period pain and lower back pain by now (due on tomorrrow) but have non, so I know they must have done some good. Any advice would be welcome. Xx

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Big hugs, 5 days is no time after a excision lap. Your body will only just be starting to mount it's response to the assault so will be inflamed for a good while. The internal process can take 3 months. This describes the healing process and what post surgery pain is normal.



Please give yourself time to heal, a few months to see how your periods go etc before rushing to worst case scenario. You’ve just been through surgery. You said you’re walking around at a reasonable pace now. Maybe try slowing down and just rest as much as possible. I’m 3.5 months post op and initially my symptoms were so much worse post op. But as time goes by my symptoms are lessening slightly. It’s really just a waiting game for all of us.


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