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3 days post op laparoscopy & hysteroscopy

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Hi ladies just wanted to share how my op went on Monday.

I was so scared on the day an my partner was with me up until going to theatre. I had never seen the inside of one before because I have always been put out before going in. It was a little daunting with all the faces around but they were so lovely. The anethitist said he would make it as pain free as he could for me. I said I was worried about the gas pains and i hardly felt any gas pains at all 😊.

Before I went for op I was told I had fibroids and a thick endrometrium. Now the surgeon has been inside he said I have stage 3 endrometriosis. My bowel is stuck to my uterus an was also stuck to ovary. He was only able to remove the endrometriosis and a cyst from ovary as said is to dangerous to remove from bowel. He is now sending me for an MRI to actually see how bad it is. I do feel this should of been done before my lapascropy but can't change that now.

The op wasn't as bad as I thought and I am definitely on the mend. Well as much as I can be as I still have endro.

Hope this helps anyone whose going for one soon xxx 😘

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