Endo symptoms ?

Hi ladies havent been on here for a week or so, missed my period, bloated like im 6/8 moths pregnant, abdo pain, bowel movements painful, urinating frequently, my last op was 6 years agp but my symptoms started in 2011 and have just got worse and worse, I had cystoscopy and everything eas clear hat ct and had to have contrast ct , contrast scan showed cyst on my right fallopian tube, but no endo, im waiting for ultrasound scan, but im falling asleep during the day struggling to get up in the mornings, Is it endometriosis? I have had 5/6 laposcopys and had endo and chocolate cyst and adhesions , but my gynae consultant said its a memory pain is it? Am I crazy or am I really suffering, feel like im losing the plot, dont know what to do and to make it worse my gp closed and have new doctor, will they help or just brush it off like all the others, HELP!!!!!

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  • Hi,

    it's the doctors who are crazy half the time. It's took for me to have mass with blood supply growing on my insisiol scar ( which they tried to tell me was a lump of fat I might add ) I had to go away and do research myself and go in there armed with all the info myself. I started my periods very young still in primary school and I've had a nightmare ever since I was just dismissed for years I'm 40 now having my first lap next Monday. Endo did show up on my ultra sound and fibroid so hopefully yours will too. They did try and put me off lap and I stood my ground 30 years is along time to be fobbed off. I was a child who they convinced that this was how periods are that I should just get on with them it effected every part of my childhood I did have a scan later in my life and was told I had pcos. When he told me and the scan they found endo I cryed with relief, my pain was real it wasn't in my head and it wasn't normal to be in this much pain, we know are own body if you don't feel right keep pushing at them, keep knocking at doors until you get listened too. Big hugs kx

  • Hi sorry its late, thanks so much for your reply they make you feel crazy, like you dont know your own body, I hope all goes well for you , iv had endometriosis for 15 years im now 33, snd its never shown on ultrasound scan, bloods , mri or ct, I do hope so xx

  • Hi, I have similar symptoms with suspected adhesions in bowel and bladder. I had a lap in march and my ovary was covered in adhesions and attached to the pelvic wall. Since then I've had worsening vowel and bladder symptoms so the gynaecologist has referred me to the colorectal surgeon. I think I'll need another op to have them removed. Could you ask your new gp for a referral for your bowel symptoms?

  • Hi thanks for replying , im not on new doctors computer yet, not sure if he will but wont hurt to ask but alot of the time they blame my ibs, which I have under good control and have had for years,but I need help just not sure who will xx

  • I've never had a referral request turned down by my gp so fingers crossed they will. Even if they blame the IBS a colorectal consultant is still the best person to assess I'd imagine. I hope they are helpful - it took my a month for my referral to be written so I know how difficult it can be!

  • Thank you for your help and information, I would not have thought of that thank you sally xx

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