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Endo symptoms

I never put myself down as heaving endo before gyna mentioned it when looking at cyst have listed the cyclical symptoms I have below anyone else have then

Thumping migraine day before period

Really bad stabbing pains in pelvis when ovulating

Painful cramps on run up to period

Heavy period painful cramps and large clots on heaviest days (most days) like chopped liver. Worst cramps before passing large clots. Also lots of little clots.

Ibs symptoms during period and on run up to.

Pelvic and tummy tenderness during period (i.e. Cat jumping on pelvis too slow)

Tiredness during period. Periods are generally like clock work though every 28days some times only lasts four days sometimes last a week; had the odd time when I've had a fortnight and then had another period

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These sound very like my symptoms and I have endo X


I know I have a cyst on my ovary but I'm fine until I have my period and run up. Have lap at end of month. Bit scared to be hones


It's good that you're having a lap because if you do have endo it's very likely to be seen. Do you mind me asking if you're being treated at a BSGE centre? I was lucky because my local hospital is a BSGE centre X


No localish hospital only reason they have gave me lap is to remove tube cyst and left ovary and will look for endo. Gyna says he'd put money on me having it.


Do you mind me asking how old you are? Has your doctor explained why the removal of your ovary is necessary? X


I'm 36 most of that left ovary was removed 9 years ago as I had a dermoid cyst on it that was 10cm current one is 6cms. Also have a cyst on right ovary which is 3cm but he is going to conserve that ovary. No symptoms of anything else but I did have a raised ca125 so also had a ct scan x


Ah I see! X



Aside from the migraines I have identical symptoms. I'm 37 and I've been like this for a year or so. I never considered endo as my mum had it and was in agony whereas I am in pain when I have my period or I am ovulating, but it is not so bad that I can't manage. I was sent for a scan due to the heavy bleeding and they found a 5cm endo cyst. Then I had my lap two weeks ago and they found a lot of endo on both ovaries and all around my pelvis and abdomen. They fitted a Mirena coil and now I am just waiting to see if it helps before they consider any other treatment. My lap went smoothly and so did my recovery thankfully! They drained the cyst too but said it may well fill up again. Got my first period with the coil now and was very painful to begin with but has settled down after a few days and the bleeding is much lighter than before I had it.

Hope it all goes well for you :-) xx


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