Endo Diet? Other things to try? Anyone?


Just wondering if anyone has tried the endo diet? If so did you buy a book (which ones are good) I really need to try something and the continual pain I am is driving me insane and its only been 8 weeks since my laparoscopy. Anyone with any advise please help

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  • Chi hunny, did you gave any endo removed, ??? Was you operated on at a bsge specialist centre???


  • They removed a chocolate cyst and endo. No I wasn't and the gynaecologist I see was pretty rubbish and couldn't give me any useful information I feel so confused about it all

  • Do you know where he removed it from, ? And what method he used, excision or ablation??

  • He removed it from the POD and somewhere else but he didn't even have all my information so couldn't explain exactly where.. He use ablation xx

  • Excision surgery is the best way to treat endo, especially in the pod, I would suggest you get a refferal to a bsge specialist centre,

  • I don't think there is one close by and can I request that from my doctor? All health care personnel I have seen so far haven't given me any help

  • Where are you?? I had to drive an hour for mine, worth traveling to see someone that knows what they are doing, as long as you are in England you can choose who you want to be referred to,

    Have a look at a lady on here called Lindle , read through all here posts especially the one about pathways to treatment,


  • I am in Essex, I will go back to my doctors and get referred else where. Thank you for your help. I will look at her posts xx

  • I'm in Essex , I went to Maidstone Kent, but there is one in Colchester, xx

  • Maidstone isn't to far from me as I live in Tilbury. I will have a look thank you so much xx

  • Hi Lacey, It depends on what you are looking to get out of the diet. It's not going to heal the endometriosis but the overall thing it does provide is possibly reduces inflammation. It can help to reduce pain in some instances and it has helped for me but it is not proven that it actually heals the Endo. I recommend that it is worth trying it on the basis that I feel better since I have been doing it but it's so important than any food you remove is replaced by something else so that you still get all the nutrients you need. I am not a qualified professional in anything to do with diet though but I am seeing a nutritionist who has said that in theory it should help as it is an anti-inflammatory diet.

    It has given me a lot more energy and less trouble with my bowel. It also means I have to cook a lot more which to me is very therapeutic.

    I don't have any books for the diet but there are some good websites I will find when I'm on the PC and share.

    I also swear by meditation and yoga. I do yoga sometimes everyday for 20-30 mins, when I am in a bit of pain it really does help to soothe it but I make sure on those days I do easy relaxing yoga nothing to strenuous. I also do regular Epsom salt baths and really really work to keep my stress levels low as I think this makes my particular Endo worse. I always try to not worry about the future and be present I try to enjoy the good days rather than dwell on how many bad days pain wise I've had that month. (I know I probably sound nuts) but I used to always worry about it all and it really just made my symptoms worse.

    A x

  • thank you for you reply. I will definitely try the endo diet to hopefully help with my pain and will also try yoga. Not heard of the salt baths thing before but will try this also as my stress levels are very high. I think I am worrying to much right now about the future and not living for today.

    Thank you so much xx

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