2nd lap 🙏

Hello everyone hope you all are well (as can be)

I need a wee bit advice on my upcoming lap. Currently I have not been diagnosed with endometriosis although all the symptoms are there. I had a larparoscopy 5 years ago with the same issues I'm having now. They said it was fine at the time and then nothing else was done about it. I got an implant in soon after and that seemed to help my symptoms. However I got it taken out and then all my symptoms came back again with a vengeance!😭 my gynaecologist doesn't think I have endometriosis, however I know I do. Is there anything different I can do this time? I.e. Questions to ask etc I'm currently taking marvelon which also has helped slightly. My ultrasound was unremarkable.

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Hi, firstly i hope it goes well. You could take the new NICE guidelines with you and may be look at a document called ESHRE. I have found both to be very helpful when talking to dr about endo.

May i ask if its a gen gynea doing the op? They may not have experience to know what advanced endo adhesions look like, my gen gynea didnt :-( no one wants to have an op but ypu want to get the most or best out of it, to that end may be see if another dr at your hospital has an interest in endo, unless its a bsge center thet wont be a specialist but it will hopefully allow you to get a diagnosis.

Good luck

I'm not sure if it will be a general gynaecologist however I know now to ask for a specialist in endometriosis after reading the NICE guidelines thank you for replying let's hope I get to the bottom of my problems I've been suffering for years from.

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