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Hello Ladies

Has anyone ever tried alternative medicine like acupuncture for endometriosis? I have stage 4 endo, have had by ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, on meds using zoladex injections, progesterone and evorel patches as well as have mirena coil , however I still have daily bleeding. I have been trying to manage these symptoms but it is now getting the better of me. Any guidance would be most appreciated. Thank you x

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Acupuncture is supposed to help and also relax us I can't comment on it myself as yet. I'm going to get it done after a few sessions of cupping. I would advice to go and have a chat v with 1️⃣ that specializes in endometriosis. I hope it does help you. 💗🤗😘


Hi. I have a great acupuncturist who also does a bit of cupping it helps with some of my symptoms but I have so many it’s taking time. He’s trained in mor the Chinese way rather than the western and came recommended also he’s treated endo before as he’s been doing it 30 years. It’s worth checking out I had a chat with him first then emailed him my medical history which was an essay. I find that the tended points all relate to the problems I have which tells me it’s right for me.. he also gave me some pinpoints etc to work on at home but these aren’t very effective yet. Good luck

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Thank you for your reply. I am based in London is your acupuncturist local to me?


No sorry I’m in Worcestershire but I guess you’ll have more choice then me.


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