How does everyone cope with work ?

hi im new to this site and was diagnosed with endo in September last year after having some removed i am still suffering quite alot and finding it hard to do everyday things (ie) iv missed about 5 of my friends birthdays /family day ect. And Work !

Im finding it hard to see how i can keep my job as im off so often i think they might let me go :( how do other people cope with this

i dont know how i can stick any job if the pain is so bad i cant function.

i love working and its getting down thinking how i can do it.

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  • I really struggle with work and understand what you are going through. I try everything at work to help. Pain killers, heat pads, tens machines to even curling up in my car on break. But love working and need to support my family. I have not had any endo removed yet. And am trying zoladex to help but too early to say if helping. My advice would be to talk to your boss about how your struggling and see if they can help. They might be loads better than my boss. Or occ health if your workplace has one. Xx

  • I do over & above well I'm well that way when I need time back my boss is amazing. He tells me to take all the time I need. It's give & take talk to your boss & offer to do extra to make up 4 it xx

  • same here i need to work not many people are in the position to give up work i wish i was lol

    but my work are the sort that they count the days youv had off and dont care why :( there is an oht at my workplace but dont see what they could do really :( sorry being so negative thanks for you reply xx

  • I had to give up work due to endo. It really got to the point where i had no choice as I was too ill to work most days. I struggled with the pain for years, in my 20s and 30s and managed to hold down a stressful job in London where i also had to do alot of overtime. By my late 30s it was just too much to bear so I resigned. I miss work alot, but I don't feel bad as I am simply not well enough.

  • thanks for reply clem01 i might need to look for another job as my company is so big they dont care whats wrong with you and why your off or if they can help i do extra shifts all the time but it doesn't really go in my favor.

    apart from with my shift team as they help me when i need an extra break or something to take pain killers.

    im starting to think that's the only way but there's always a risk il get another boss that doesn't care isnt there xx

  • I know the feeling. My work place dont help at all. Im at the point of losing my job due to sickness level as they dont understand

  • Asda arent very sympathetic, well my store manager is but my actual manager...well lets just say he's a douchebag. We get a green, amber then red warning then a sacking. Didnt have a single warning before valentines day, since then i just received my amber warning on friday....

  • That's awful. Have you got a trade union to help you as that sounds very unfair?. I don't think that endometriosis is treated as a disability under disability act which is possibly why they are pushing you around.

  • I had to give up doing a permanent job due to endo as every month i was off sick. So i do agency or bank work instead so i work when im well & just dont book shifts when im due on. It works great for me as no sick leave, no stress of being disciplined cos im off due to my period !!!

    It pays better too lol

    Hope that helps as it seems pretty universal we all have trouble with our work life :-(

  • Aw I feel for you and know how difficult it can be at times to keep a full-time job and sustain social commitments. Something has to give and I suppose I've made a conscious decision to inform my friends and family about severe Endo so that they know I'm just not pulling out of an important event for any old reason... It's tough as people often don't believe us as we look well and see still functioning (well just about! I do get the odd comment that you look tired/ awful/ complete as desired!!

    I hope things settle down for you soon and that you find a suitable treatment to suppress periods. I'm seriously considering the Mirena coil as the Cerazette pill is not working for me. Giving the pain a name helps me to get through it sometimes

  • I just got my review and was asked why I don't pick up extra hours for call offs? Because I HURT that's why. Because I have had 2 different surgeries in a year, that's why. So I spent about 10 minutes trying to explain (which is technically none of their business) why I don't pick up extra shifts. And to be honest, they are very lucky I even make it to work some days. So then my boss has the nerve to ask my "why can't you get pain killers to help you through work?" (which is boss speak for, HEY get your doctor to give you medicine so that you can work more hours for us). I told her, I AM on painkillers and they are almost a narcotic which means when on them, I can't work. Oh, well "maybe they can prescribe you something else?" Ummmm.....well I am horribly allergic to acetaminophen, so that kinda narrows things down a bit. "Do you hurt at work?" Yes, I hurt at work AND at home. I have the type of endo that hurts near every day all day long. I am sorry, I work my allotted hours. I try my very best not to call off. I have yet to get the endo under control, and until I do; I am going to do what is best for me.

  • I only yesterday told a lady at work in confidence only started job in jan due my op soon short staffed already in our department and it's a physical job so I'm un sure when or I if I'll cope with job after op anyway? Should I of said anything I'm worried the will let me go can they? So I'm so with u on this one x

  • I've just been given cerazette but not sure I wanna take it I'm sure it made me moody and gain weight?

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